Business Intelligence (BI)

By Mike Miliard 09:23 am June 09, 2015
Accountable care and care continuity are not the same thing, but they have a whole lot in common. And the former pretty much depends on the latter. In Europe, much more than in the U.S., "they're very attuned to continuity of care."
Wall Street
By Bernie Monegain 10:13 am June 08, 2015
Healthcare is flying high these days, with analytics seen as the next big wave on both the business and clinical sides of the industry. Two companies that just went public -- and one that has filed its intent to do so -- make for interesting indicators of changes to expect in the industry.
By Bernie Monegain 08:40 am June 04, 2015
When it comes to providing the right care to the right patient in record time, the nation's policymakers, researchers, doctors and nurses seem on the verge of critical mass, or what author Malcolm Gladwell would call "the tipping point."
Illustration of people with arrow
By Mike Miliard 10:33 am June 03, 2015
As they make analytics inroads and arrive at tangible, transformative clinical and financial discoveries, many healthcare organizations are showing that C&BI is more about people and process than it is about technology.
Digital data
By Mike Miliard 02:27 pm June 02, 2015
For the first time, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will allow innovators access to Medicare claims and other CMS data, Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt announced Tuesday at Health Datapalooza.
Health IT analytics
By Erin McCann 10:30 am June 02, 2015
This first part may sting a bit: To those healthcare organizations in the beginning stages of rolling out a data analytics program, chances are you're going to do it completely and utterly wrong.
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
By Erin McCann 04:33 pm May 20, 2015
Chicago's Advocate Health Care has 13 hospitals and one of the largest accountable care organizations in the U.S. With population health management at the center of ACO success, it is well acquainted with using analytics for quality improvement.
Analytics and mobile devices
By Mike Miliard 10:12 am May 12, 2015
Signs are everywhere that healthcare is finally starting to see the transformative potential of analytics, just as many other industries have for years. Nonetheless, "there are a lot of challenges. And part of that is just: 'Who's going to do the heavy lifting on this?'"
Cleveland Clinic
By Mike Miliard 11:05 am May 05, 2015
Cleveland Clinic is the latest world-class provider to make its analytics algorithms available on Apervita, enabling other health providers to put some of its knowledge to work improving their own outcomes.
By Mike Miliard 11:13 am April 30, 2015
As HHS pursues aggressive new timelines for the shift to value-based care, providers have just a couple years to start putting their data to work in service of more efficient care for healthier patient populations.

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