Big Data

By Mike Miliard 10:08 am April 08, 2014
In a development that could help providers with remote patient monitoring and other telehealth applications, one developer has created a neuroimaging app designed to work with Google Glass.
Analytical graph
By Neil Versel 06:45 am April 04, 2014
With apologies to Internet meme-makers everywhere, analytics experts have a message for healthcare providers trying to get their heads around business and clinical intelligence: "Big data, you're doing it wrong."
By Donna S. Charles 10:38 am March 21, 2014
Hospital executives are faced with numerous challenges related to healthcare reform. Strategic decisions about how to address these challenges will significantly impact not only the financial and clinical performance of hospitals, but also the perception of executive leadership itself.
By Mike Miliard 10:55 am March 18, 2014
Even when they've met the requirements of the federal EHR Incentive Program, more than two thirds of providers say they still don't feel they've maximized the full potential of meaningful use, according to a new survey.
Gamification comes to clinicians
By Mike Miliard 11:28 am March 17, 2014
There's been a lot of talk in the past few years -- some would say too much, and way too excited -- about gamification.
Big data: Pinpointing ICD-10 risk
By Tom Sullivan 03:28 pm February 23, 2014
Wouldn't it be advantageous to determine what opportunities ICD-10 will present and what risks can be mitigated today?
By Diana Manos 09:37 am February 12, 2014
In the realm of healthcare big data, one major barrier still remains to making sense from the mountains of information that already exist: the information technology just isn't keeping pace.
By Eric Wicklund 10:45 am February 10, 2014
Kaiser Permanente and the Veterans Health Administration have partnered to research and share best practices in four areas of healthcare: connected health and virtual care, genomics, the care of veterans who are also Kaiser members and analytics.
By InterSystems 03:03 pm January 29, 2014
Dominick Bizzarro, RPh, Managing Director, leads the development and implementation of business strategies for InterSystems’ HealthShare offerings. Here, he talks analytics, Big Data and IT infrastructure.
By Intel 02:54 pm January 29, 2014
Ketan Paranjape, Director of Personalized Medicine, Intel Corporation, discusses how visionary healthcare organizations around the world are using unstructured data and data analysis to deliver personalized medicine for their patients.

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