Big Data

By Paul Levy 10:22 am January 09, 2015
If you're an entrepreneur pitching a promising Big Data application to hospitals, there are a few key conditions you must satisfy to be successful.
By David Harlow 10:39 am November 11, 2014
David Harlow breaks down the highlights of a recent survey regarding wearable fitness trackers and presents further questions about the technology's presence in the healthcare space.
By John Halamka 08:28 am November 06, 2014
John Halamka, MD, has been on the road for the past few days, describing the importance of patient and family engagement using mobile applications to healthcare leaders in Europe.
By Shahid Shah 03:27 pm October 29, 2014
Given healthcare IT professionals can make $90,000 or more annually, there has been growing interest in the industry. To help separate fact from fiction and dive a little deeper in to the realities of these opportunities, Beth Kelly summarizes the projected outlook for specialized positions within the field of health IT.
By David Lareau 09:11 am October 01, 2014
How can a physician's productivity and focus on the patient be maintained while using an EHR at the point of care, and why do many systems fall short on this?
By Kip Sullivan 10:22 am September 04, 2014
The big data fad in healthcare is the direct result of a quarter century of hype about electronic medical records, promoted by the health policy elite with the encouragement and financial assistance of the computer industry.
By Steve Miff 10:50 am August 11, 2014
The internal benchmarking typically used to evaluate health system performance is no longer sufficient to meet government mandates, ensure timely reimbursements and avoid financial penalties. "Comparative analytics" will be required to meet these new challenges.
By John Halamka 08:24 am August 01, 2014
Recently, John Halamka, MD, has given many lectures about SMAC -- social media, mobile, analytics and cloud computing. He finds that the most popular analytics topics are business intelligence, big data, and novel data visualizations.
By David Wiggin 07:08 am July 31, 2014
Successful 21st century healthcare organizations do not thrive based on the intuition of a few brilliant leaders; rather, they become modern data-driven businesses. But before signing off on a big data analytics project, consider these tips for making it even more successful.
By Jeff Rowe 09:54 am June 23, 2014
While bringing med students up to speed on the latest health IT is important, the critical move is to educate practicing doctors.

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