Data Visualization: Most Wired Hospitals 2011 by State

View the 'Most Wired' hospitals for 2011 distributed by state in this data visualization.

[See the full list here: 'Most Wired' hospitals named for 2011]

This heatmap allows you to view the total number of hospitals by state that were included in the 2011 'Most Wired' list. These numbers include all individual hospitals within the health systems that appear on the list.

This animation shows the total number of hospitals in the U.S. (source: AHD, 2011), and the distribution of the Most Wired hospitals for 2011. It's interesting to note anomalies such as the high number of 'Most Wired' hospitals in Washington State, which has experienced a tech boom over the last few decades, in a region that is otherwise not well-represented by the list.