Health IT managers: next-gen networks key to successful cloud transition

Updating network infrastructure and building a foundation for advanced digital solutions to run on needs to be a priority for healthcare organizations using cloud.

Jeff Rowe | Sep 27, 2017 02:48 pm

Last week we pointed to a Canadian study that described a few years back how legacy IT systems were impeding the effectiveness of Canadian government agencies to conduct the Canadian people’s business.

As if on cue, a recent survey from Riverbed, a network systems provider, found that 91 percent of over 1,000 IT decision-makers surveyed across all major verticals, including healthcare, say that their cloud strategy will only reach its full potential with a next generation network supporting it.

“The survey revealed an incredible level of agreement by decision makers that their network infrastructures must change in order to have a successful cloud strategy and their pace of implementing next generation networking impacts their ability to realize the full benefits of digital transformation,” survey authors stated.

Eighty-five percent of respondents stated that they are several years away from completely leveraging cloud benefits and digital transformation because of their legacy network’s limitations. The gap between realization and deployments is consistent across all verticals and is preventing organizations from fully leveraging digitized infrastructure. It can also threaten entities’ positions in their respective markets.

“In order to make the transition from legacy infrastructure to a next-generation network,” the report said, “organizations need to invest appropriately to ensure that their digital transformation initiatives enable them to compete in the modern, cloud-based and digital economy.”

In other findings, fifty-eight percent reported that they experience cloud-related network issues caused by their legacy infrastructure at least a few times a week, while ninety-three percent of those respondents stated that it impacts their business at least monthly.

“The inability of these networks to support cloud-centric applications and workloads and just as importantly, provide end-to-end visibility into their performance is viewed as a real challenge to cloud success,” said the survey.