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Computing to get “foggier” as data moves to network edges

BY Jeff Rowe | March 09, 2018

The report suggests that the fog computing market will grow along with the adoption of IoT devices and a move away from centralized servers.

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Growth in medical image volumes fuels migration to cloud solutions

BY Jeff Rowe | March 05, 2018

As we have moved past the innovator stage and well into the early adopter phase of the cloud in imaging, says one expert, now is the time for cloud solutions to unleash their untapped potential.

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Health orgs entering hybrid cloud to balance present and future needs

BY Jeff Rowe | March 02, 2018

Companies’ digital transformations have come a long way, but as cloud platforms continue to innovate, healthcare organizations need to evaluate carefully what is right for them for the long term.

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Cloud expands as the benefits become clear

BY Jeff Rowe | February 26, 2018

As ever more enterprises seek out the capabilities a cloud solution can provide, including data distribution, improved performance and controlled costs, cloud growth is likely to be strong for the foreseeable future.

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Cloud providers: who’s the best for you?

BY Jeff Rowe | February 23, 2018

With worldwide spending on public cloud services and infrastructure forecast to hit $160 billion in 2018, a 23 percent increase on 2017 investment levels, CIOs in healthcare and other sectors are scrambling to choose the cloud provider that’s best for the

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How the pace of technological change is driving healthcare to the clouds

BY Jeff Rowe | February 23, 2018

As CIO’s get tired of “keeping up,” say experts, more healthcare enterprises are adopting a hybrid IT infrastructure made up of both physical data centers and the public cloud.

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Despite big investment, many organizations not tracking return on the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | February 16, 2018

According to the survey, operational and capital expenses, as well as subsequent savings, were the top considerations factored into ROI calculations.

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How to store data in the cloud without breaking the bank

BY Jeff Rowe | February 13, 2018

Experienced IT managers advise that any form of public cloud adoption, including for storage, should include well-defined policies that outline the creation and lifecycle of cloud resources.

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Global cloud index projects continued strong growth

BY Jeff Rowe | February 12, 2018

By 2021, 75 percent of total cloud workloads and compute instances will be SaaS workloads and compute instances, Cisco predicts, while IaaS will account for 16 percent.