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How to pitch your finance department on a move to the healthcare cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | April 09, 2018

Finance execs are often understandably concerned about making a move to cloud computing, but the flexibility of cloud computing, among other things, can help them to understand how it makes financial sense.

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From other sectors, IT execs guide their healthcare colleagues into the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | April 06, 2018

One recommendation experienced IT execs make is to create a cloud centre of excellence, where different groups in the organization can get together and understand each other's concerns.

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Hybrid and multi: soon just typical ways of tapping into the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | April 02, 2018

With hybrid solutions, says one expert, workloads will automatically move to the most optimized and cost-effective environment, based on performance needs, security and end-user demand, among other things.

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Savings reports are speeding up growth of cloud coverage

BY Jeff Rowe | March 26, 2018

In order to keep up with their peers, healthcare organizations are realizing they will need to navigate to cloud-hosted productivity platforms, due to their cost saving and practical advantages in handling increasingly complex work loads.

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What decision makers should ask about cloud computing

BY Jeff Rowe | March 23, 2018

Despite its rapid growth, cloud computing remains shrouded in mystery for many potential customers, so health IT managers need to have the right questions at hand to determine whether a provider is right for their organization.

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Cloud vs. On-Prem: Is there an optimal balance?

BY Jeff Rowe | March 19, 2018

For an increasing number of organizations the cloud has become a viable option, but health IT managers still face a case-by-case decision when it comes to the percentage of their IT systems they should migrate.

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Survey: IT managers not looking before they leap to the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | March 19, 2018

Not knowing the full extent of how a cloud outage could potentially impact business is a risk very few organizations can afford to take, the report notes.

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Healthcare R&D: a prime mover behind the growth of the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | March 16, 2018

The North American market has significantly higher market share compared to other regions, while the market for cloud computing in the Asia Pacific is growing with the emergence of local providers.

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HIMSS18 forum reviews effective steps toward healthcare cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | March 14, 2018

One hospital CTO said that in negotiating a cloud contract, be on the lookout for language that would suggest your data is not owned exclusively by your organization.