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Small cloud providers making inroads across big cloud landscape

BY Jeff Rowe | May 28, 2018

While two or three familiar names may account for more than half of the infrastructure-as-a-service cloud market, smaller providers have carved out their own place by paying close attention to their customer needs.

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Cloud growth brings new data management questions

BY Jeff Rowe | May 25, 2018

Cloud and data center providers that are ready for healthcare workloads can help you keep data where you need it and access it appropriately.

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Spread of multi-clouds brings new security challenges

BY Jeff Rowe | May 21, 2018

Cloud computing is an inherently dynamic space, which has increased the complexity of both deploying and managing effective security measures.

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To get to the multi-cloud, follow the innovating vendors

BY Jeff Rowe | May 11, 2018

A multi-cloud strategy will give healthcare organizations the flexibility to migrate between cloud vendors - and take advantage of falling prices.

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Hospitals turn to the cloud to modernize multiple IT systems

BY Jeff Rowe | May 04, 2018

When it comes to cloud-based EHRs, say experts, providers should get vendor references from other healthcare organizations as well as a clear description of how the platform is set up and with what other systems it will interface.

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In the cloud, disaster recovery is more important than ever

BY Jeff Rowe | April 30, 2018

IT managers should test failover and disaster recovery annually with mission-critical cloud application vendors in the same way they test their internal systems.

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IT managers grapple with new budget concerns while planning cloud expansion

BY Jeff Rowe | April 23, 2018

To track costs better, IT administrators must think about cloud provisioning differently and develop better budget management skills.

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Cloud contracts: how to ask the right questions

BY Jeff Rowe | April 17, 2018

Before signing on the dotted line with cloud vendors, says one attorney, healthcare organizations need to make sure they’ve protected their data by asking a thorough list of questions.

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Cloud expansion driving demand for new patient-oriented technology

BY Jeff Rowe | April 16, 2018

As organizations increasingly sidestep the cost of on-prem servers by moving to the cloud, healthcare stakeholders are pushing for new technologies that can improve the delivery of care.