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Expert: Contrary to popular fears, data is actually safer in the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | July 03, 2017

In the face of continuous cyber attacks, says one security expert, enterprises should do a “look in the mirror” assessment around the state of their systems and security, and then seriously consider moving to the cloud.

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CIOs pushing the cloud as security concerns dwindle

BY Jeff Rowe | June 29, 2017

While many healthcare organizations host routine applications in the cloud, some CIOs are now moving critical apps, including their EHRs, to the cloud as well.

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IT managers increasingly satisfied with Infrastructure-as-a-Service

BY Jeff Rowe | June 29, 2017

Concerns around cost depend primarily on how long a business has been working with IaaS, with more experienced users less likely to see it as a challenge.

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Expert: to succeed, cloud security must match cloud elasticity

BY Jeff Rowe | June 19, 2017

When cybercriminals see new IP addresses and IP ranges, they start probing them to see how the infrastructure is organized so they can start planning a targeted attack.

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Security spending rising as organizations move to the cloud

Financial services represent the largest market for cloud services today, the report shows, but just a few years ago the idea of cloud-based financial services would have been considered ‘controversial’ or ‘radical’.

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To fend off ransomware attacks, health orgs need data recovery plans

BY Jeff Rowe | June 13, 2017

Organizations need a recovery solution that allows them to hit a button on their interface to prevent further damage from a cyber-attack.

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Expert: effective cloud security requires thorough planning

BY Jeff Rowe | June 12, 2017

Among other things, migrating applications to the cloud can present a unique opportunity to evaluate and improve each application’s overall security.

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HHS task force report points to need for improved cybersecurity

BY Jeff Rowe | June 06, 2017

Among other things, the report called for the HHS Secretary to name and resource a cybersecurity leader to work with federal, state and industry partners, as well as create a plan to establish cybersecurity priorities.

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Cybersecurity report points to increased attacks in the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | May 16, 2017

2016 saw the first widespread outage of cloud services as a result of a denial of service (DoS) campaign, the cybersecurity firm Symantec says, which should serve as a warning for how susceptible cloud services are to malicious attack.