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Improved security key to spread of multi-cloud landscape

BY Jeff Rowe | January 03, 2018

From an IT perspective, having various locations for data and numerous security parameters can be bewildering, so cloud security policies should be integrated to protect both traditional and cloud apps with one set of guidelines.

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Why hybrid clouds need special security focus

BY Jeff Rowe | January 02, 2018

The rise of hybrid IT environments, with a mix of cloud-based and on-premises services, is driving IT managers to take a fresh look at cybersecurity strategy.

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IT managers increasingly cautious as they migrate to the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | December 12, 2017

When it comes to cloud computing transitions, says one expert, it’s in an IT manager’s best interest, among other things, to break the “mega cloud plan” down to bitesize projects that can be proven effective along the way.

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As security improves, healthcare orgs head to the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | December 01, 2017

While the healthcare industry has been slow to consider the cloud, industry-wide demand to use health data to improve system efficiency, deliver value-based care and enable productive collaborations is speeding up investment in cloud solutions.

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If you really want to make sure your data is safe, consider the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | November 24, 2017

A Ponemon study on healthcare data security revealed that data breaches in healthcare are costing the industry $6.2 billion, and remain consistently high in terms of volume, frequency, impact, and cost.

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Cloud providers: it’s their business to be the security experts

BY Jeff Rowe | November 07, 2017

While there are still a number of critical steps that hospital IT shops must consider as part of their overall healthcare cloud security strategy, says one expert, the cloud providers are the real security experts.

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Cloud data breaches often caused by user mismanagement

BY Jeff Rowe | November 05, 2017

Whether or not many companies are as prepared as they should be, researchers at Gartner say cloud-computing services will grow 17 percent this year alone.

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Survey finds BYOD presents ongoing challenge to cloud security

BY Jeff Rowe | November 05, 2017

Among other things, respondents listed malware protection and unmanaged device access as top security concerns.

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As healthcare cloud spreads, who’s responsible for security?

BY Jeff Rowe | October 09, 2017

In the face of lingering confusion, cloud customers are beginning to take security matters into their own hands, with two-thirds of survey respondents saying they are adding security features when accessing public clouds.