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In the cloud, teamwork is key to protecting against ransomware attacks

BY Jeff Rowe | February 20, 2018

Recent ransomware attacks are a reminder that healthcare organizations need to get the basics of ransomware defense right, including for systems that are increasingly cloud-based.

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To succeed in the cloud, healthcare orgs need the right security tools

BY Jeff Rowe | February 05, 2018

A recent report argued that as companies go further into their cloud ambitions their security becomes particularly problematic as their infrastructures become more complex.

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NHS: the public cloud is safe for health data

BY Jeff Rowe | January 26, 2018

The guidance says it will reduce costs, but data protection concerns linger

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Consistent monitoring key to troubleshooting in the healthcare cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | January 23, 2018

“Out of sight, out of mind” is not a viable approach to cloud management, says one expert, so IT shops need to retain critical systems control in order to ensure seamless performance.

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Industry council releases cloud security guidelines

BY Jeff Rowe | January 19, 2018

The guide is designed to help organizations understand the top concerns they should be cognizant of when evaluating cloud providers.

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HHS: recently revealed processor flaws could impact cloud system security

BY Jeff Rowe | January 16, 2018

HHS recommends that healthcare and public health entities consider installing operating system patches to Mac, Linux and Microsoft systems in order to mitigate the risks of this widespread processor vulnerability.

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Black Book: healthcare still not taking cybersecurity seriously

BY Jeff Rowe | January 10, 2018

Without effectively filling healthcare cybersecurity positions, it can be difficult for organizations to ensure that sensitive health data remains secure.

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Ransomware: coming soon to a cloud near you

BY Jeff Rowe | January 08, 2018

Cyber attacks are expected to be designed to either cause immediate disruption to cloud-based systems or to threaten to shut down vital systems to extort money from operators.

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Improved security key to spread of multi-cloud landscape

BY Jeff Rowe | January 05, 2018

From an IT perspective, having various locations for data and numerous security parameters can be bewildering, so cloud security policies should be integrated to protect both traditional and cloud apps with one set of guidelines.