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For some managers, security concerns grow with the complexity of hybrid cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | April 23, 2018

Security is still a barrier to adopting a hybrid cloud architecture, with specific concerns including increased complexity, difficulty instituting security controls and a clear need for more assessment tools.

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Healthcare orgs seek greater IT control while moving to the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | April 23, 2018

Organizations have gone through different levels of trust with the healthcare cloud as the technology has become a staple in health IT infrastructure.

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Providers are moving to the cloud, but employee security remains lax

BY Jeff Rowe | April 13, 2018

Many healthcare providers believe tighter policies will help them improve cloud security, but the measures have to be complemented with awareness of what users are doing in the IT infrastructure.

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As clouds multiply for users, so will the challenges of cloud security

BY Jeff Rowe | April 02, 2018

Multi-cloud usage is looming on the horizon for many organizations, says one security expert, which means users need to prepare for multiple cloud security challenges.

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Cloud is growing, but old security fears are slow to fade away

BY Jeff Rowe | March 30, 2018

While skepticism about security persists, users increasingly see cloud security as a responsibility shared with cloud vendors.

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Health IT managers struggle to balance cloud security with easy user access

BY Jeff Rowe | March 13, 2018

The increasing number of workspace environments is challenging organizations with security as IT managers work to introduce more effective authentication methods.

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Cloud security requires constant monitoring for new vulnerabilities

BY Jeff Rowe | March 09, 2018

The only realistic way to keep your organization secure in the cloud is to take a layered approach that safeguards you in case one or more high risk scenarios unfold.

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Security and cost control are keys to effective multi-cloud management

BY Jeff Rowe | March 02, 2018

While a multi-cloud management approach provides the necessary insight, automation and control to keep cloud sprawl in check, it remains an emerging market at an early stage of maturity.

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Despite moving to the cloud, health orgs need to keep tabs on data security

BY Jeff Rowe | February 26, 2018

Among other steps, automating threat detection and increasing network visibility and control will help organizations lower their vulnerability to attacks.