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To prevent ransomware attacks, keep staff current with latest cybersecurity.

BY Jeff Rowe | May 29, 2018

A spate of ransomware attacks is a timely reminder that healthcare organizations heading to the clouds still need to get the basics of ransomware defense right.

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Despite warnings, many employees ignore data security policies

BY Jeff Rowe | May 25, 2018

In response to the survey, a majority of healthcare workers said when it comes to transferring data, documents, or information, they do whatever is easiest.

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How to: disaster recovery in the cloud

BY Jeff Rowe | May 22, 2018

With the growing transition to cloud computing in healthcare, some IT departments are hosting their disaster recovery programs in the cloud along with other “as a service” programs.

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On top of the right tools, effective cyber security relies on well-trained employees

BY Jeff Rowe | May 18, 2018

While cloud security is improving, hackers are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities in IT systems, and enterprises need to protect themselves with, among other things, improved employee training.

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Despite security concerns, new cloud users still overlook critical data safeguards

BY Jeff Rowe | May 15, 2018

Through 2022, say experts, at least 95 percent of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault due to the lack of effective data security strategies.

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To protect cloud-based data, know what’s actually there

BY Jeff Rowe | May 14, 2018

When it comes to cloud security, says one expert, it’s critical to treat the cloud no differently than an on-premises environment, as it’s just an extension of the potential “attack surface.”

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Fears of insider threats growing along with number of cloud users

BY Jeff Rowe | May 04, 2018

The growing adoption of cloud has greatly improved the agility of many healthcare organizations, but it has also given rise to new security concerns such as threats from insiders.

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Researchers developing improved cloud security tools

BY Jeff Rowe | April 30, 2018

While phishing attacks are the most common strategy hackers use, successfully cracking into a data storage service may enable them to exploit data access patterns.

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Budget constraints hinder cloud security efforts

BY Jeff Rowe | April 27, 2018

Despite concerns about threats from employees, only 14 percent of respondents have visibility into the activity of business users and just 21 percent have visibility into the activity of IT staff.