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Expert: AI implementation challenges can often offset operational benefits

BY Jeff Rowe | September 25, 2017

Using AI to streamline a process is a complex and time-consuming challenge, says one IT veteran, and there are more ways to fail or fall short than there are ways to succeed.

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Survey: cloud success more likely with careful ROI reckoning

BY Jeff Rowe | September 13, 2017

While the respondents clearly appreciate the tangible benefits of the cloud, many reported encountering unexpected roadblocks which hindered their implementation efforts.

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With cloud elasticity come both risks and benefits

BY Jeff Rowe | September 12, 2017

While managing data in the cloud always involves proper policy and configuration to ensure security, there are some unique risks when it comes to PaaS because of the elastic nature of the infrastructure.

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CIO: for success in the cloud, plan from start to finish

BY Jeff Rowe | September 11, 2017

A key test for any business case for cloud adoption within an enterprise, says one expert, should be whether it includes adequate provision for end-to-end management of the selected cloud solution.

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CEOs pushing leadership teams to embrace new tech directions

BY Jeff Rowe | September 06, 2017

Whether the target is healthcare interoperability or the emerging “connected economy,” the goal of an interdependent network of organizations relies on leadership willing to invest in the best information technology.

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Custom app platform clears HIPAA attestation

BY Jeff Rowe | September 05, 2017

There are currently not enough app developers to meet the demand for custom apps, but platform vendors are working hard to address the need for more situation-specific technology.

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Study: cloud adoption driving global data center growth

BY Jeff Rowe | September 04, 2017

With the increasing amount of data generated through the IoT, storing data on-premise is proving to be expensive, and storing data in the cloud is becoming an effective medium for enterprises worldwide.

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Informatics experts: cloud could boost quest for universal patient ID

BY Jeff Rowe | August 30, 2017

As the healthcare sector becomes more digitized, the authors say, innovations accompanying the spread of the cloud could help providers meet the challenge of achieving accurate patient identification.

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Box adds AI computer-vision technology to platform

BY Jeff Rowe | August 21, 2017

Researchers say the announcement shows how broadly available AI technology is becoming, and that, ultimately, it will democratize AI for more people and businesses.