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U of Maryland HIT center to develop cloud-based machine learning apps

BY Jeff Rowe | November 21, 2017

The platform is an integrated cloud-based platform of more than 80 individual proprietary technology toolsets focused on empowering the operationalization of large-scale data-driven and value-based healthcare initiatives.

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Got bandages? Move to cloud helps healthcare supply chain vendors, too

BY Jeff Rowe | November 15, 2017

Currently, says one expert, much of the data within healthcare organizations is siloed. making it difficult to share information within the organization, let alone with critical outside vendors and value-added partners.

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As devices and cloud spread, healthcare computing is getting settled along the edge

BY Jeff Rowe | November 14, 2017

As healthcare organizations expand their IoT and cloud environments, edge computing can keep array of devices in good communicating order.

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Whether upgrading legacy or buying new, health IT leaders grappling with AI challenges and opportunities

BY Jeff Rowe | November 14, 2017

Even the most advanced AI platform relies on smart people to make the most of smart technology.

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New technologies pushing healthcare cloud computing closer to the edge

BY Jeff Rowe | November 07, 2017

While the use of edge computing and private clouds continues to grow grows, experts say hybrid cloud remains the dominant approach.

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Why Software-as-a-Service is taking off in healthcare

BY Jeff Rowe | November 01, 2017

With SaaS, vendors are charged with monitoring and maintaining the application, which helps healthcare organizations stay more secure because they don’t need to depend on end users to upgrade their tools.

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Effectively managing legacy healthcare apps can make or break a cloud transition

BY Jeff Rowe | October 31, 2017

IT leaders hear the constant promise of cloud-induced IT transformation, but decisions surrounding the impact on legacy apps are critical to developing a cloud strategy that meets business goals while minimizing organizational risk.

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From outsourcing to transforming: the importance of enterprise-wide cloud strategies

BY Jeff Rowe | October 30, 2017

eholders often point to the transformational effect of the cloud, but to get to that point requires far-reaching vision and planning.

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How to make sure you understand your cloud provider contract

BY Jeff Rowe | October 24, 2017

The cloud is not simply another technology platform and must be managed well to avoid having a negative impact on both people and process.