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Is the cloud the interoperability solution healthcare has been looking for?

BY Jeff Rowe | March 27, 2018

Moving forward, the biggest driver of cloud adoption may be the inability of legacy patient data systems to keep up with systems that better support and promote interoperability.

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Study cites cloud potential as healthcare planning tool

BY Jeff Rowe | March 26, 2018

Organizations need to consider how ERP fits into their health IT infrastructure and the best way to deploy it to ensure success.

AMA chief James Madara

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AMA chief recommends improved guidance efforts for health IT implementations

BY Jeff Rowe | March 23, 2018

First impressions count, says AMA chief James Madara, so vendors and policymakers need to ensure new health IT is ready before it’s pushed on the provider community.

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Health orgs move to multi-clouds to enhance data sharing

BY Jeff Rowe | March 20, 2018

Healthcare organizations are increasingly adopting multi-cloud environments, experts note, as it gives them the option to choose specific cloud service models and service providers for certain tools or data sets.

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How the cloud has become the foundation for new technology

BY Jeff Rowe | March 16, 2018

One could say that the potential applications for the cloud are limited only by the imagination of human beings.

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Eric Schmidt pitches cloud benefits at HIMSS18

BY Jeff Rowe | March 12, 2018

The goal, said Schmidt, is a clinical data warehouse packed with diverse data sets that are curated and normalized to enable sophisticated analytics.

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Multinational research consortium builds cloud to share clinical data

BY Jeff Rowe | March 05, 2018

Before this initiative, stakeholders say, such a collaboration would have been difficult to coordinate, with challenges including insufficient data entry and security concerns over the transfer of large amounts of patient data between centers.

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Hospitals tap cloud flexibility to improve value-based care

BY Jeff Rowe | March 05, 2018

Hospitals planning a move to the cloud should conduct due diligence before choosing a vendor to ensure they have experience in the healthcare space, experts say, and even then the move to the cloud isn't without some growing pains.

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The cloud is helping health IT managers mix and match their options

BY Jeff Rowe | February 23, 2018

As patient data grows, healthcare organizations face an increasing demand for storage. The enterprise hybrid cloud is increasingly a viable alternative to on-premises infrastructures.