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As the cloud changes, staff skill sets need to change with it

BY Jeff Rowe | May 28, 2018

Cloud adoption is expected to climb significantly over the next few years, and with it will come the need for an ever-changing set of skills from IT staffers.

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The key to the cloud: an IT team with the right skills

BY Jeff Rowe | May 21, 2018

Because cloud offerings change and healthcare organizations are constantly looking to do more in the cloud, IT professionals need to add new cloud-related skills on a regular and continuing basis.

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Health orgs turn to management platforms for help with multi-clouds

BY Jeff Rowe | May 18, 2018

Organizations of all sizes rely on cloud services to support new initiatives, stay competitive and capture greater business value.

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Management platforms help healthcare orgs make sense of new cloud landscape

BY Jeff Rowe | May 11, 2018

Among other things, enterprises can use a cloud management platform to closely track and manage cloud costs to stay within budget.

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How AI and the cloud are changing healthcare

BY Jeff Rowe | May 08, 2018

From targeting chronic diseases and cancer to improving risk assessments, providers are tapping numerous cloud-based opportunities to deploy more precise, efficient, and impactful interventions at exactly the right moment in a patient’s care.

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Hybrid cloud seen as best choice for small and medium orgs

BY Jeff Rowe | May 08, 2018

As the cloud experience more sophisticated attacks, hybrid-cloud storage architecture should help IT teams stay on top of emerging vulnerabilities.

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Cloud growth spurring spread of WAN bandwidth use

BY Jeff Rowe | May 07, 2018

Among other things, experts says effective SD-WAN tools provide deep visibility into application performance and network flows.

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Cloud continues to grow as organizations mix and match use patterns

BY Jeff Rowe | May 01, 2018

While public cloud revenue is growing more than initially forecast, Gartner expects growth rates to stabilize from 2018 onward.

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How the IoT and cloud are teaming up to disrupt healthcare

BY Jeff Rowe | April 27, 2018

Given the constant pace of technological change in the cloud, experts note how quickly on-prem solutions can get “really old and dated."