By HIMSS TV 05:11 pm November 15, 2019
Louise Schaper, CEO of Health Informatics Society of Australia, says the manifestation of digital health issues locally may differ, but there are plenty of opportunities to share learnings from matters such as workforce.
By HIMSS TV 09:14 am November 15, 2019
Dr. Harpreet Sood, co-founder of NHS Digital Academy, says skilling up the workforce is imperative as we must take advantage of the data available to help prevent clinician burnout.
By HIMSS TV 01:42 pm November 14, 2019
Angela Velkova, director for communities and strategic relations for HIMSS International, details the role of the HIMSS Nursing & Midwifery Informatics (England) Network.
By 04:35 am November 06, 2019
Johnathan Pascall, EMEA sales director of uPerform by Ancile, says clinicians need to have access to the resources required to use digital systems as painlessly as possible, helping to free up their time.
By HIMSS TV 01:36 pm November 05, 2019
Dr. Jonathan B. Clark, associate professor of neurology at Baylor College of Medicine, discusses inspiring the next generation to pursue a career in space health and what the future can learn from past failures and successes in space medicine.
By HIMSS TV 07:19 am November 01, 2019
Ian MacIntyre, head of digital at NHS Leadership Academy, says the dialogue of fear around technology is changing as the culture is increasingly inclusive of tech teams within hospitals.
By 12:11 pm October 29, 2019
Promising AI tools can enable physicians to perform more effectively across the work that they do, says Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, board of trustees chair for the American Medical Association.
By HIMSS TV 09:17 am October 28, 2019
Deep Dive: Overwork has become an epidemic among physicians and nurses. Fixing the problem demands new strategies to restore joy to medicine.
By HIMSS TV 03:31 pm October 18, 2019
Because nurses represent the largest profession in healthcare, they are well-positioned to drive innovation with digital tools, says Theo Fotis, principal lecturer at the University of Brighton's School of Health Sciences.
By HIMSS TV 05:21 pm October 14, 2019
NHS Digital Chief Nurse Caron Swinscoe discusses the recent launch of the HIMSS Nursing & Midwifery Network for England.