Executives meeting.
By 01:00 pm June 18, 2020
Learn how AI & Machine Learning tools are enabling effective communication and collaboration between clinicians, care teams and patients in a new healthcare landscape.   Understand the impact recent CMS Interoperability rulings, COVID-19, and telehealth are having on value-based care initiatives.
Whitepaper cover.
By 02:33 pm April 23, 2020
Nearly 50% of physicians report symptoms of burnout. Learn what’s causing this startling stat, how we got here, and how innovative healthcare IT can help fix it.
Whitepaper cover.
By 02:30 pm April 23, 2020
A new era of EHR innovation has the potential to optimize workflow, reduce physician fatigue and transform patient care. Learn how providers can optimize EHR systems in 2020 and beyond.  
Whitepaper cover.
By 02:26 pm April 23, 2020
The next decade will be a pivotal one for health IT innovation. Learn how the next decade will be key to optimized communication, improved interoperability and new support for clinicians.
Doctor and child
By 01:00 pm March 04, 2020
In this HIMSS editorial webinar, sponsored by PatientKeeper, Inc., Dr. Charles Alessi, HIMSS Chief Clinical Officer, and Dr. William Gregg, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer & Vice President, Clinical Informatics at HCA Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare provider networks in the U.S., will discuss these timely and...
Healthcare staff.
By 08:00 am February 21, 2020
Join us as we explore this year’s themes and discuss how healthcare leaders can attract and retain the healthcare professionals of the future. What technology holds the most promise for improving care in the future? How does the next generation really perceive AI? The results may surprise you.
Doctors walking down the hall
By 12:00 pm December 05, 2019
This webinar will address how the ergonomics of medical carts and workstations directly affects caregivers. This means removing the constraints that prevents their energy from going towards patient care. You will also learn how new stressors like “power anxiety” can add to the frustrations clinicians have about...
Busy hospital
By 01:00 pm November 21, 2019
What's one of the top issues keeping leaders up at night? Talent. The labor market is tight. The skills in demand are constantly changing. Disruption is everywhere. Regardless of industry, companies are struggling to find the right talent, keep them skilled, and once they are skilled - retain them. The healthcare industry is no different. It...
By 12:00 pm November 13, 2019
The scary fact is that human error is a contributing factor in more than 90% of breaches. With so many technical controls in place hackers are still getting through to your end users, making them your last line of defense. How are they so easily manipulated into giving the bad guys what they want? Well, hackers are crafty. And the best way to beat...
Cloud Security Ideagram.
By 12:00 pm November 13, 2019
Cybersecurity in healthcare is about people, not technology. In the cloud era, keeping your patients safe means protecting clinicians and patients from cloud threats and data loss. A people-centric approach to security helps you identify people and data at-risk and provide the tools needed to stay alert and...