By 10:34 am February 23, 2018
Although healthcare executives have always had labor cost containment on their minds, lately it is becoming a top priority. As this report shows, they are paying closer attention to the numbers and taking action to achieve better workforce outcomes.
By 11:13 am September 25, 2017
This webinar shows why New England's largest and busiest trauma and emergency services provider turned to the cloud when it needed to address its HR and payroll challenges, and how a cloud-based system can positively impact your organization.
By 11:10 am September 25, 2017
This whitepaper shows what the health care industry's active mergers & acquisitions means for the health systems, hospitals, physician groups and other providers affected by the consolidation, along with the employees who lead and work in them.
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By LexisNexis 02:23 pm June 26, 2017
Better provider information facilitates more secure, seamless patient transitions. See how one academic healthcare system improved data accuracy and efficiency, upped physician and patient satisfaction, and realized significant time and cost savings.
By Zebra 03:53 pm June 13, 2017
This white paper highlights a five-step road map for building an effective mobility strategy with a common technology infrastructure that supports all staff across the organization.
By Zebra 03:51 pm June 13, 2017
Dallas-based Parkland Health & Hospital implemented a Zebra technology solution to create a mobile-enabled workforce at its new state-of-the-art hospital campus, which enabled the nursing staff to focus on what’s most important—patient care.
Women in Health IT
By 10:23 am January 04, 2017
Transformative change in health IT is dependent upon an educated and inspired workforce. Encouraging girls to pursue STEM careers will help to bridge the gap in the science and technology workforce. It is vital to create work environments that support and retain women in STEM fields.  Learning Objectives:
By 01:00 pm December 15, 2016
As the workload and responsibility of the healthcare IT department grows, managers are increasingly a growing challenge in keeping qualified staff. The pressure of major system projects can lead to staff burnout. Competitive pressures can result in staff jumping ship for better offers.
By 11:29 am November 08, 2016
Patientricity puts the patient, caregiver and IT into a Triangle of Care, which promotes increased interaction, satisfaction, safety and efficiency.
By 11:20 am November 08, 2016
Sedentary jobs are a danger to people's health. Long periods of sitting also impede productivity. Therefore, employers need to reassess the physical workspace and come up with ergonomic solutions that will resolve these problems.

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