Hans Mekenkamp talking about enterprise imaging at HIMSS Europe
By HIMSS TV 03:22 pm June 18, 2018
Hans Mekenkamp, owner and managing director at MedicalPHIT, says next-level imaging will offer patients advanced access while leveraging new workflows that make the process more efficient.
Tips for supporting nurses, doctors through the digital transformation
By HIMSS TV 03:06 pm June 12, 2018
Joanne Bosanquet, deputy chief nurse at Public Health England weighs the benefits of tech adoption with the need to give nurses the support and time they need to embrace change.
Ensuring nurses receive useful, patient-centered info
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By HIMSS TV 08:55 am June 11, 2018
Rhonda Collins, chief nursing officer at Vocera Communications, discusses ways new notification and communication platforms are connecting care teams without overburdening clinicians.
Marcus East, chief technology officer for National Geographic
By HIMSS TV 03:56 pm June 05, 2018
Marcus East, chief technology officer for National Geographic, talks about digital transformation and offers lessons healthcare can embrace to advance its own platform.
Developers are key to driving healthcare innovation
By HIMSS TV 01:40 pm May 31, 2018
Here's why programmers and developers play an important role in improving healthcare for patients and systems alike.
Why APIs are only one piece of the puzzle for healthcare transformation
By HIMSS TV 01:32 pm May 31, 2018
Will Morris of Cleveland Clinic Innovations connects work of developer community to systems integrations.
Dev4Health: A new map for innovation
By HIMSS TV 01:09 pm May 31, 2018
Health 2.0 EVP Indu Subaiya and co-founder Matthew Holt highlight new research into emerging trends in healthcare innovation.
innovation with athenahealth developer lab at dev4health conference
By HIMSS TV 05:01 pm May 08, 2018
Santosh Mohan explains the potential open platforms bring to healthcare and the EHR company's work with Apple.
Voice assistants AI at Dev4Health conference
By HIMSS TV 04:56 pm May 08, 2018
Ben Schilens from Orbita discusses the opportunity developers have to improve patient engagement.
Using open APIs to solve global healthcare challenges
By HIMSS TV 04:45 pm May 08, 2018
Aneesh Chopra, former chief technical officer for the United States, urges developers to leverage open API ecosystems.

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