Health IT solving problems
By Wendy Almeida 11:19 am August 24, 2017
In this gallery, we look at how six companies dealt with a major problem -- from security breaches, EHR implementation snafus, mitigating medication errors to general organizational communication -- and figured out how to get back on track. Hint: Not all of the solutions were high tech.
cloud security in healthcare
By Wendy Almeida 02:01 pm July 28, 2017
The cloud’s flexibility is appealing for workflow efficiency and innovation with sharing research, streamlining patient records and developing new payment models. Using a vendor offers more options but others have developed an in-house option.
advice from health IT pros
By Wendy Almeida 06:29 am June 01, 2017
Whether you are choosing population health tools, leading a telehealth initiative or deploying a new EHR, we have rounded up more than a dozen pieces of advice from professionals who have done it themselves.
Healthcare IT in 2017
By Healthcare IT News 09:07 am January 03, 2017
A survey of 95 healthcare organization executives was conducted in October 2016 and offers a preview of 2017 for the industry.
By Mike Miliard 12:00 am March 09, 2016
The gold-rush buying spree of the early post-HITECH years may have settled down, but health systems are still spending big bucks on new technology, whether it's to rip-and-replace suboptimal EHRs or invest in new analytics or security tools.
Work life balance word bubble
By Bernie Monegain 08:58 am March 13, 2015
Health IT CIOs across the country are expected to take on an ever-expanding workload while maintaining a work-life balance. We asked CIOs who are especially good at balancing for their best advice.

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