By HIMSS TV 02:01 pm October 07, 2019
Mahmee co-founder and CEO Melissa Hanna discusses how her startup is facilitating maternal care within the EHR.
By HIMSS TV 03:43 pm October 03, 2019
Charles Alessi, HIMSS chief clinical officer, says digital technologies will provide the only way for Japan to manage the aging of its population.
By HIMSS TV 08:05 am September 25, 2019
Vizlitics' bi-directional engagement platform aims to improve the clinical experience for patients and physicians alike, says CEO Tarun Kumar.
By HIMSS TV 11:50 am September 19, 2019
Health 2.0 VentureConnect winner Sana Health's wearable therapeutic device uses pulsed light and sound to reduce pain and potentially treat neurological conditions, says CEO Richard Hanbury.
By HIMSS TV 03:12 pm September 18, 2019
The strength of Infermedica's symptom checker is how it works with organizations' existing software and processes, says Miłosz Wiciński, the company's business development manager.
By HIMSS TV 01:40 pm September 18, 2019
Texas Health Resources' Chief Experience Officer Winjie Miao says patient experience can be a constraining lens as health moves outside the hospital into the community.
By HIMSS TV 07:37 am September 10, 2019
Medisafe's medication management platform is now integrated with Apple Health Records, providing an easier way to keep tabs on prescriptions and boost medication adherence, says CEO Omri Shor.
By HIMSS TV 06:33 am September 05, 2019
Technology is no longer a barrier to at-home healthcare, says Susan Dentzer, president and CEO of the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation.
By HIMSS TV 04:17 pm August 29, 2019
Meru Health's digital solution aims to interrupt the downward spiral of depression and anxiety that could lead to suicide, says Emily Hine, VP of business development.
By HIMSS TV 07:46 am August 27, 2019
Dr. John Herman, associate chief of the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, says properly vetted apps and technologies present an opportunity for the underserved to get needed help.

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