By 03:43 pm April 25, 2016
Discover what options you should consider for improving the cost and performance of common remote patient monitoring devices. It covers wireless connectivity options, and how they can improve margins, patient engagement and revenue.
By 03:42 pm April 25, 2016
Technology advancements have accelerated telemedicine adoption, and the healthcare industry has realized invaluable benefits. Discover key value propositions and promising applications for telemedicine.
By 03:41 pm April 25, 2016
Telehealth devices are lowering the costs of delivering healthcare and improving patient outcomes, but building “smart” remote patient monitoring devices is complex.
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By 10:11 am April 05, 2016
Pharmaceutical companies can leverage patient-generated data from digital health devices to help improve strategies and efficiencies around subject recruitment, remote patient monitoring, post-marketing research, and patient communities.
doctor video calling patient
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By 08:21 am February 03, 2016
For health systems that have become ACOs, the mandates to improve patient care and reduce medical costs go hand in hand. Find out how telehealth can help your organization leapfrog the competition, while expanding revenue sources and saving on costs.
doctor on video call with patient
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By 08:19 am February 03, 2016
One of the largest physician surveys, of more than 2,000 providers, uncovered key factors important to physicians when it comes to telehealth.
By Healthcare IT News 02:04 pm December 28, 2015
Telemedicine and Medicare Chronic Care Management have been getting a lot of buzz lately for good reason: significant reimbursement is available for practices that provide high-touch ongoing care to their chronic condition patients who need it most.
By Healthcare IT News 11:42 am December 28, 2015
To achieve maximum success and profitability, practices must be efficient while providing the best care. Fortunately, technology provides tools you need to optimize your practice and convenience to patients. Learn how video visits drive efficiency.
By Healthcare IT News 02:00 pm December 22, 2015
Telemedicine reimbursement is one of the most common obstacles to telehealth integration. Review the benefits of telehealth to patients and practices, the challenges of reimbursement, and how to overcome complexities to quickly generate revenue.
By Healthcare IT News 10:40 am September 03, 2015
In a recent global survey, over 450 healthcare professionals weighed in on the question, "Is your company's digital health strategy on schedule?" View the findings and learn what successful companies are doing well. You'll also learn 5 key steps to start or accelerate the implementation of your company's digital health initiatives.

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