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By 10:00 am November 12, 2019
Successful telehealth innovation has proven to be difficult to achieve for most organizations as they are currently engaged in siloed pilots and use cases. The implementation of organization-wide telehealth strategy that enables them to scale and transform virtual care has proven to be difficult to accomplish.
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By 04:53 pm September 27, 2019
Technology offers exciting opportunities for modern healthcare. However, it is vital that the right underlying network infrastructure is in place, if new technology investments are to reach their maximum potential.
By 01:00 pm August 19, 2019
Minneapolis-based Zipnosis sought a flexible, HIPAA-compliant architecture on which to build its telemedicine solution, with support for integrating virtual visit records and customers' HL7 data. They required maximal security, compliance, scalability, affordability, and reliability of their critical infrastructure.
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By 12:00 pm June 18, 2019
As the adoption of consumer and medical-grade home health tools continues to grow, so too does the role of patient-generated health data (PGHD) in the shift to value-based care. Whether this information is generated via health apps, digital health devices, remote patient monitoring tech or the widening array of sensors finding their way into...
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By 11:00 am June 11, 2019
Patient care today means handling the growing flow of data that constantly passes within your organization’s network. Find out how healthcare organizations have been using SD-WAN, Software Defined Wide Area Networks, to improve their efficiency, security and lower costs. This counts for not only patient care on-premise but also out in...
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By 05:10 pm March 13, 2019
For the second year in a row, this exclusive, invite-only summit convened top leaders and innovators in health care and health information technology to identify key trends facing the industry, discuss solutions for moving health care forward, and provide opportunities for collaboration and learning among senior health care provider and industry...
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By 01:00 pm January 31, 2019
Wi-Fi is pervasive in healthcare. It provides vital connectivity for doctors, clinical data, biomedical devices, guests, and hospital staff. This webinar will describe standards that will aid network managers in implementing a high-performance and secure Wi-Fi network amidst regulatory requirements and cyber-attacks. The presenter will dive into...
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By 05:54 pm November 26, 2018
This timely comprehensive 32-page report sets a 12-month agenda to inform health innovators, change-makers and other key industry stakeholders.
By 01:00 pm November 08, 2018
Connected health and remote patient monitoring, combined with interactive patient engagement apps, have a tremendous potential to transform chronic disease management in the hospital setting and beyond. But deploying such programs, and managing the IoT assets they often depend on, can pose a host of challenges at both the provider and the patient...
By 02:00 pm July 11, 2018
Dr. Andrew Muth, a Clinical Informatics Fellow at Banner Health/University of Arizona, will discuss key aspects of this initiative, including waivers, consents, and HIPAA compliance. In addition, Dr. Muth will identify strategies for implementing telehealth programs at other organizations.

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