By Nathan Eddy 12:38 pm May 28, 2020
The university's COVID-19 telemedicine clinic plans to apply machine learning algorithms to data from patients' vital signs, health behavior and self-reported symptoms.
By Kat Jercich 02:12 pm May 27, 2020
UPIC Health CEO Mary Tucker says she hopes to partner with community hospitals in the future.
CareMount Medical uses telehealth now to avoid health crisis later

CareMount Medical in New York.

By Bill Siwicki 11:47 am May 26, 2020
Patients were cancelling their non-COVID-19 appointments to avoid the virus. The medical group went from six to 1,500 daily telehealth visits to tend to regular care needs.
By Susan Morse 10:53 pm May 22, 2020
CMS said it wanted to finalize some proposed policies before the MA and Part D bid deadlines on June 1 for the 2021 plan year.  
Yale New Haven Health rapidly deploys remote monitoring for ventilator patients

Yale New Haven Hospital.

By Bill Siwicki 01:07 pm May 22, 2020
Near the hottest of COVID-19 hotspots, the health system helped its respiratory therapists by combining tele-ICU, EHR and remote patient-monitoring technologies.
Doctor and child in Africa
By Dave Muoio 10:21 am May 22, 2020
Two recent programs deploying telemedicine in Zimbabwe and Ghana highlight common hurdles programs that deliver these technologies to underserved areas will likely encounter.  
By Roy Chiang 01:08 am May 22, 2020
“Zoom became the primary form of communication and the data cap was increased dramatically,” said Dr Alan Davis, Clinical Director for Northland District Health Board.
New HIE hook-up, telemedicine transform care at LA clinic

One of the four clinics that make up the Chinatown Service Center of Los Angeles.

By Bill Siwicki 12:37 pm May 21, 2020
Chinatown Service Center of Los Angeles converted 80% of acute in-person visits to telehealth in just weeks – and improved timely access to hospital records in the county by 75%.
By Laura Lovett 11:37 am May 21, 2020
This comes less than two years after the company closed a $365 million Series B round.  

Above image: A screengrab of the MyHealth Connect app which patients can download to schedule an appointment to join a teleconsult session with doctors from Parkway Shenton clinics in Singapore.

By Dean Koh 07:52 am May 21, 2020
Earlier in March, IHH had also invested in Singapore-headquartered telehealth startup Doctor Anywhere.

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