By Mike Miliard 11:22 am April 15, 2020
"Cyber criminals will use a time of crisis to cover some of their actions in a very opportunistic way. And so we try to track and match our operations and vigilance to that."
Radio equipment
By MobiHealthNews Staff 05:45 pm April 14, 2020
Healthbox President Neil Patel describes how his group is helping to facilitate the sharing of solutions and best practices around COVID-19 response.  

Providence Regional Medical Center (Cindy Shebley, iStock Editorial/Getty Images)

By Mike Miliard 09:00 am April 14, 2020
The Seattle-based health system, long focused on keeping competitive with consumer tech, is using its platforms to help manage "the biggest disruptor we've had," says its chief digital officer.
By Mike Miliard 11:26 am April 10, 2020
Physicians are now allowed to care for patients at rural hospitals "via phone, radio or online communication, without having to be physically present."
By Mike Miliard 12:28 pm April 09, 2020
Eligible organizations would get full funding for approved services and devices "necessary to provide critical connected care" until funds are exhausted or until the pandemic has subsided.
Ohio health system fast tracks Allscripts telehealth system during pandemic
By Bill Siwicki 11:45 am April 09, 2020
The telemedicine tech has helped Grand Lake Health Systems keep non-urgent patients away from hospitals and physician practices, reducing the spread of COVID-19.
By Susan Morse 10:34 am April 09, 2020
Walgreens Find Care now includes a COVID-19 risk assessment, powered by Microsoft Healthcare Bot on Microsoft Azure.
By Dean Koh 12:03 am April 09, 2020
The service, which is provided by Samitivej, is available free-of-charge and all-day from 8 April to 10 May 2020. 
By Joseph Goedert 01:07 pm April 08, 2020
"My world before COVID consisted of taking care of patients one at a time," says one doctor. "Now, my duty is to serve an entire patient population." Other providers will soon have to acquaint themselves with remote monitoring and new models of care.
Doctor showing patient a laptop.
By Jeff Lagasse 12:35 pm April 08, 2020
While new technologies are being deployed, health systems can use existing resources to help combat the coronavirus's spread.

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