Doctor using smartphone
By MobiHealthNews Staff 05:05 pm December 28, 2020
MobiHealthNews highlights providers' efforts to address treating, testing and mapping the coronavirus.
By Mike Miliard 04:12 pm December 28, 2020
Its FutureScape 2021 report foresees a half-decade of health systems still grappling with – but learning from – the COVID-19 disruption of the past year.
Sun River Health’s Jeannette J. Phillips Health Center

Sun River Health’s Jeannette J. Phillips Health Center (Credit: Arch-Imagery Photography).

By Bill Siwicki 11:29 am December 28, 2020
Protecting its patients from COVID-19, the 64-site health center moved from very limited telemedicine capabilities to wide-ranging virtual care supported by an FCC grant.
Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Cheriss May/Getty Images)

By Kat Jercich 02:51 pm December 23, 2020
Digital health advocates expressed mixed feelings about the colossal bill, which also authorized funding for telehealth work and rural hospital operations.
A blood pressure monitor, a pulse oximeter and a thermometer
By Kat Jercich 01:21 pm December 23, 2020
The health system found that patients who received care at their facilities had lower observed mortality rates than the national average, and remote patient monitoring may have been one difference-maker.
A patient speaks with a doctor via laptop
By Kat Jercich 09:14 am December 22, 2020
The COVID-19 crisis prompted an enormous uptick in virtual care use from patients and providers – but it has also raised a number of questions about telehealth's security, accessibility and longevity.
Abortion pills

Abortion pills by VAlaSiurua, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

By Kat Jercich 03:58 pm December 21, 2020
If the bill is signed by Gov. Mike DeWine, Ohio would become the 20th state requiring a prescribing clinician to be in the presence of a patient when providing a medication abortion.
Philips' logo at a booth
By Kat Jercich 11:44 am December 21, 2020
Philips said the acquisition "fits perfectly" with its strategy to be a leading provider of in-home care management technology.
Grady Health System telehealth

Grady Health System

By Bill Siwicki 11:10 am December 18, 2020
For the first three quarters of 2020, it has registered a 40% reduction in its patient no-show rate, compared with face-to-face visits.
A microphone and radio
By Healthcare IT News 09:24 am December 18, 2020
Telehealth relies on reliable, secure connectivity — and that's not something we can take for granted.