By Healthcare IT News 09:53 am May 24, 2011
As it seeks to help members who have been diagnosed with diabetes better control their condition and avoid complications, Aetna has launched a program through which members will receive educational text messages, reminding them about screenings and tests, and offering tips on healthy eating and exercising.
By Healthcare IT News 04:19 pm May 23, 2011
Telemonitoring shows significant benefits for certain patients with chronic heart failure (CHF), according to two studies presented at the Heart Failure Congress 2011 held in Gothenburg, Sweden.
By Eric Wicklund 09:09 am May 19, 2011
The Ford Motor Company is working with several health and wellness companies to add apps to its in-car connectivity platform that would allow a driver or passenger to check blood sugar levels, learn about pollen and ultraviolet light levels and access wellness information.
By Mike Miliard 11:11 am May 18, 2011
At the IBM SmartCamp, which puts start-up firms together with venture capitalists and industry leaders to provide coaching and support, three of the five finalists are focused on empowering patient-driven healthcare.
By Healthcare IT News 04:40 pm May 16, 2011
Technical advancement in the remote patient monitoring market is one of the key factors that is expected to contribute to its growth over the next couple of years, according to a new report.
By Healthcare IT News 10:36 am May 16, 2011
Broader access to fast 4G wireless technologies will boost healthcare in rural and developing parts of the world where landline Internet is less developed, according to experts from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the world's largest technical professional association.
By Healthcare IT News 08:52 am May 16, 2011
Certain specialties, such as psychiatrists and oncologists, are more likely to be using video conferencing with their patients, according to a new study from Manhattan Research.
By Healthcare IT News 03:52 am May 11, 2011
A new telemedicine system that puts monitoring tools in the hands of at-home patients aims to improve long-term condition management. CSC announced the eMEDlink solution in Budapest at eHealthWeek 2011.
By Healthcare IT News 04:37 pm May 10, 2011
How to replicate a successful program underway at Essentia Health that uses telehealth technology to track patients with congestive health failure, is the topic of an AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange being held Wednesday in Rockville, Md.
By Healthcare IT News 09:28 am May 10, 2011
The healthcare IT market in the U.S. is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 24 percent during 2012-2014, says a new report from global market research and information analysis company RNCOS.