By Healthcare IT News 02:26 pm October 02, 2013
Within the wide scope of use for wireless communications, the ability to use radio frequency for identification and location tracking has become very prevalent. This white paper provides a look into how RTLS is helping hospitals save money and how early adopters have paved the way for a widespread acceptance.
By Healthcare IT News 10:22 am October 02, 2013
The case for telemedicine in today’s healthcare world is rapidly changing. Not only does it reduce the costs of chronic care, it has been shown to improve outcomes. This white paper discusses where Telemedicine is today and where it's headed, based on technologies that are available and the increasing rate of adoption.
By Resource Central 03:08 pm April 17, 2012
Hospital executives know that traditional cost-cutting methods have reached the point of diminishing return. Reduced reimbursement, increasing regulations, staff reductions, mandatory overtime, and lower capital expenditures have had disastrous effects on care delivery and the overall health of provider institutions. Yet the federal government is...