By Kyle Hardy 01:28 pm September 16, 2010
The University Hospital of Innsbruck has recently launched an integrated wi-fi real time location system (RTLS) in its psychiatric ward. Hospital officials are looking to leverage the technology in order to better communicate with hospital staff in the event of an emergency.
By Mike Miliard 03:40 pm August 10, 2010
They're tiny: often just the size of a grain of rice or even a mote of dust. And they're cheap: usually just ten bucks or so. But radio frequency identification (RFID) chips pack a powerful punch. And they're being used in more – and more interesting – ways than ever.
By Kyle Hardy 09:27 am June 03, 2010
The Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, based in São Paulo, is making strides to better manage its medical equipment, while at the same time improving patient-physician time with the use of asset tracking technology.
By Eric Wicklund 09:57 am November 17, 2009
A study of the use of a real-time location system (RTLS) at Southeastern Regional Medical Center indicates the technology can save hospitals hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, improve clinical outcomes and boost staff morale.
By Kyle Hardy 10:27 am October 21, 2009
The Genesis Health System has implemented a new asset tracking and management solution designed to improve quality of care at the Davenport, Iowa-based healthcare facility.
By Kyle Hardy 11:09 am October 08, 2009
Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine, has deployed real-time patient flow and patient volume management solutions in order to support a increase in scheduled and walk-in patient visits.
By Kyle Hardy 11:17 am June 11, 2009
University of Kentucky Healthcare plans to implement a Wi-Fi-based Real-Time Location System for tracking medical equipment at the Albert B. Chandler Hospital.
By Eric Wicklund 07:31 am June 03, 2009
A developer of real-time location systems (RTLS) for hospitals has developed a new device designed to help patients with heart problems move about more freely and hospitals to keep better tabs on their valuable resources.
By Chip Means 11:37 am April 30, 2009
The May 2009 Product Spotlight looks at real-time location tracking solutions for the healthcare market.
By Eric Wicklund 12:49 pm April 02, 2009
A developer of passive RFID systems with a foothold in several industries is teaming up with established vendor AeroScout to enter the healthcare market.

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