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By Chip Means 09:47 am January 28, 2011
Our fourth slideshow of HIMSS 50 in 50 award recipients features the Society's most noteworthy healthcare IT contributors of the 1990s.
By Chip Means 12:50 pm January 27, 2011
The third in this series of "HIMSS 50 in 50" slideshows looks at the 1980s' most significant Society members.
By Chip Means 01:44 pm January 26, 2011
In our second slideshow of this series, we look at the "HIMSS 50 in 50" award recipients who made their landmark contributions to health IT during the 1970s.
By Chip Means 01:38 pm January 25, 2011
In its 50th year, HIMSS honors 50 health IT professionals for their contributions to the field in the last half-century. This week, we'll feature the 50 recipients with a photo slideshow for each decade of the Society's history.
By Jamie Thompson 05:15 pm October 07, 2010
These photos offer a look at some of the organizations that won the 2010 Davies Awards of Excellence, awarded by HIMSS.
By Jamie Thompson 08:39 am March 25, 2010
The following breaches of unsecured protected health information were reported to the Health and Human Services Secretary, in accordance with the HITECH Act.

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