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By Healthcare IT News 12:00 pm November 30, 2011
The top 10 medium-sized hospitals in our 2011 "Best Hospital IT Departments" list all have one thing in common: They all emphasize building strong, meaningful relationships between staff members. Click through this slideshow to see the staffs of the winning medium-sized hospitals.
By Healthcare IT News 10:50 am November 30, 2011
The small hospitals on our 2011 "Best Hospital IT Departments" list know that communication, motivation and collaboration are essential. These groups overcame everything from implementation hurdles to natural disasters to reach the top of our list.
By Jamie Thompson 09:12 am November 15, 2011
The Bangor Beacon Community, composed of 12 partners throughout the state of Maine, uses health IT to improve quality of care for the patients it serves. View this slideshow for graphics that offer a visual demonstration of the Beacon Community's structure and successes.
By Jamie Thompson 11:46 am September 22, 2011
A new patient tower at Florida Hospital Celebration Health features a suite of RTLS solutions from AeroScout. Designed as a 'living laboratory,' the tower is meant to be a model for the latest in patient safety and staff efficiency. This slideshow offers an inside look at the patient tower.
By Kate Spies 08:55 am July 15, 2011
This slideshow features striking images of hospitals and urban areas AHIMA is aiding under HIRO, a fund dedicated to assisting health information management professionals in areas devastated by disasters.
By Jamie Thompson 02:13 pm July 14, 2011
Hospitals and Health Networks recently released its list of the Most Wired Hospitals for 2011. View the hospitals included on the list as part of the 'Most Improved' category in this slideshow.
By Jamie Thompson 12:33 pm June 02, 2011
Thomson Reuters recently released its list of the top 10 U.S. health systems. Thomson Reuters analyzed 285 health systems according to metrics such as patient safety, mortality rate and standards of care. This slideshow features the 10 winning health systems.
By Jamie Thompson 11:44 am April 28, 2011
This slideshow features the 15 hospitals that appeared on the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Hospitals list for the first time this year.
By Jamie Thompson 01:29 pm April 05, 2011
Thomson Reuters recently released its annual list of the top 100 hospitals in the U.S. This slideshow recognizes the Everest Award winners, those hospitals among the top 100 that demonstrated the greatest rate of improvement over five years.
By Chip Means 11:03 am January 28, 2011
Our final slideshow in this series featuring the HIMSS 50 in 50 recipients spotlights HIMSS' most recent landmark contributors.

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