Quality and Safety

By Sonifi Health 05:23 pm February 15, 2017
For nursing leaders: A look at how hospitals can leverage interactive technology and processes to improve the patient experience and reduce preventable readmissions.
By 02:00 pm January 24, 2017
Freeman Health began to improve timely access to patient care by automating critical workflows through a cloud-based, operational platform. Hear a CIO’s perspective on how this initial effort grew into a long-term strategy to improve patient flow across an enterprise.
By 11:29 am November 08, 2016
Patientricity puts the patient, caregiver and IT into a Triangle of Care, which promotes increased interaction, satisfaction, safety and efficiency.
By 11:20 am November 08, 2016
Sedentary jobs are a danger to people's health. Long periods of sitting also impede productivity. Therefore, employers need to reassess the physical workspace and come up with ergonomic solutions that will resolve these problems.
By 11:12 am November 08, 2016
Nurses face physical challenges in their daily work. While technology should streamline their work, oftentimes it is the source of problems that impact their health. Clinical design & ergonomic principles can alleviate many of these issues.
By 11:02 am November 08, 2016
Nurses face three challenges that prevent them from spending more time with patients.
By 05:22 pm September 27, 2016
This cyber security report depicts serious data breaches, major attacks and new vulnerability reports throughout the past year, based on sophisticated analytics tools actively monitoring Healthcare and other highly affected industries.
By 11:00 am August 04, 2016
Organizations are facing challenges to support outcome based medicine initiatives while simultaneously trying to cope with “the information generation” that wants healthcare at the speed of now.  Healthcare IT must transform either through evolution or innovation to help meet their organizational business imperatives, expectatio
By Healthcare IT News 10:28 am November 13, 2015
In many ways, bring your own device (BYOD) sounds good to healthcare leaders. It can improve productivity, optimize practitioners' time and even reduce capital expenditures. But there's a flip side to BYOD that often sends shudders down the spines of healthcare IT executives and hospital administrators: As BYOD usage increases, so can security...
By Healthcare IT News 12:46 pm July 30, 2015
Infection control is one of many areas in which risk assessment, teamwork and communication come together in healthcare. This doctor-authored abstract shows how communications solutions that interface with a variety of technology systems can help individual patients heal, prevent the spread of disease to other patients and caregivers, and maintain...

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