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making cybersecurity a priority for healthcare from the c-suite
By HIMSS TV 03:54 pm June 27, 2018
Allyson Vicars,  associate director of health IT research at The Advisory Board, says the best course for executives is to keep it simple by bringing forth viable and easy understood plans that hospital staff can get behind.
Lee Kim of HIMSS Analytics talks about cybersecurity with HIMSS TV
By HIMSS TV 08:55 am June 27, 2018
Lee Kim, director of privacy and security at HIMSS, says the industry has a long way to go to be able to fend off next WannaCry or Petya. But the good news is collaboration is happening across healthcare to better get prepared.
prevent cybersecurity attacks in healthcare
By HIMSS TV 08:52 am June 27, 2018
Michael Gold, vice president of analytics and technology at the Midwest Health Collaborative, says it starts with educating users to become healthcare's front line of defense.
Kirk Lippold speaks to HIMSS TV about healthcare security leadership
By HIMSS TV 08:48 am June 27, 2018
Kirk Lippold, Commander U.S. Navy (Ret.), explains why critical thinking and detailed planning from the top is essential to protecting systems from breaches and hacks.
Jane Harper speaking at cybersecurity forum
By HIMSS TV 01:57 pm June 25, 2018
Jane Harper, director of privacy and security risk management at the Henry Ford Health System, shares her advice for establishing sound practices for managing third-party relationships.
GDPR international healthcare
By HIMSS TV 10:41 am June 14, 2018
Ron Roozendaal, CIO at the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, says the regulation gives patients a deeper stake in their own data.
NHS Digital introduces new Data Security and Protection Toolkit
By HIMSS TV 02:38 pm June 12, 2018
Alan Morton, NHS Digital programme manager, explains how the new toolkit allows organisations to measure their performance against the 10 data security standards of the National Data Guardian.
blockchain panel discussion at dev4health event in Cleveland
By HIMSS TV 04:49 pm May 30, 2018
Compliance and regulations to build audit reports are likely the first business case to get data into blockchain.
Tim Dunlevy, VP of engineering at Pokitdok explains Blockchain at Dev4Health event
By HIMSS TV 04:46 pm May 30, 2018
Tim Dunlevy from Pokitdok explains how today's systems can be integrated into next generation of automation.
Blockchain can offer high integrity data
By HIMSS TV 04:43 pm May 30, 2018
Emily Vaughn of Change Healthcare explains how blockchain provides an integrity check with event data.

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