Privacy & Security

By HIMSS TV 06:19 am September 11, 2020
This week's top stories include a lawsuit by former Zocdoc CEO Cyrus Massoumi, a large uptick in targeted attacks against telehealth systems, and a NorthShore University HealthSystem data breach affecting 348,00 people.
By HIMSS TV 09:12 am August 11, 2020
Cybersecurity expert Randy Bradley says outside-the-four-walls threats include makeshift triage units, but moving fast does not have to mean moving unwisely.
By HIMSS TV 10:11 am July 24, 2020
This week's top stories include hospitals scrambling to comply with the requirement to submit data to HHS, privacy issues with Google and Apple's contact tracing app, and the feds partnering with Pfizer on a potential COVID-19 vaccine.
By 08:39 am July 07, 2020
Organizations need to have their attacker's view and line up their defenses the same way that they're being attacked, says Ryan Kalember, executive vice president of cybersecurity strategy at Proofpoint.
By HIMSS TV 03:21 am June 12, 2020
This week's top stories include CMS giving hospitals guidance in their efforts to reopen ailing service lines, a glitch exposing video of patient consultations and making telehealth accessible to the underserved.
By 09:09 am June 11, 2020
Fortinet's Sonia Arista and Renee Tarun discuss cybersecurity challenges for healthcare in a changing business landscape.
By 06:00 am June 05, 2020
HP's Daniel Colling and Raja Bhadury detail moves to enhance the telemedicine experience while accelerating vaccination research and improving security in the battle against the pandemic.
By HIMSS TV 11:10 am June 04, 2020
This week's top stories include shadow pharmacies peddling bogus coronavirus cures, HHS offering additional aid to hospitals and the challenges of integrating in-person care back into workflows.
By HIMSS TV 11:35 am June 01, 2020
Mansur Hasib, also known as "Dr. Cybersecurity" and author of the book Cybersecurity Leadership, discusses what CIOs and CISOs must do during such crises as pandemics and hurricanes.
By HIMSS TV 06:39 am May 07, 2020
HIMSS Director of Privacy and Security Lee Kim offers insights for health systems as they defend against both COVID-19 and the opportunistic cyberattacks that are using it as cover to sow chaos.