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By HIMSS TV 02:53 pm January 24, 2019
Blockchain won’t solve every health IT problem, so WW Health Chief Health Information Security Officer at Microsoft Hector Rodriguez offers advice for figuring out where it might, and might not, be a fit for you.
By HIMSS TV 02:25 pm January 16, 2019
Aimee van Wynsberghe, co-founder of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, looks at what we should do with robotics to improve life for patients and caregivers.
AbedGraham's healthcare cybersecurity expert Dr. Saif Abed
By HIMSS TV 02:43 pm December 11, 2018
To protect the NHS' national critical infrastructure against hacktivists, major crime organizations and nation states, there needs to be further collaboration between key stakeholders, says AbedGraham's healthcare cybersecurity expert Dr. Saif Abed.
Chief Development Officer at Finland’s UNA Plan Pirkko Kortekangas
By HIMSS TV 04:17 pm December 06, 2018
Chief Development Officer at Finland’s UNA Plan Pirkko Kortekangas says that data privacy is a priority, but sharing information is key when searching for medical solutions.
Shakira Brown, CEO of SMB Strategic Media
By HIMSS TV 09:32 am November 19, 2018
Focus on business value, such as lowering costs, improving productivity, and increasing revenue when trying to get executive buy-in for cybersecurity funding, says Shakira Brown, CEO of SMB Strategic Media. 
Christiana Care Health System CSIO Anahi Santiago.
By HIMSS TV 02:49 pm November 14, 2018
Christiana Care Health System CISO Anahi Santiago discusses why hospitals have to invest in security tools to stay ahead of cyberthreats, but that it's just as important to focus on people and process as it is on technology.
Sentara Health VP and CISO Dan Bowden.
By HIMSS TV 12:23 pm November 13, 2018
Sentara Health VP and CISO Dan Bowden discusses how hospitals are  preparing for consumerism and value-based care by building apps and tools in the cloud.
Whitepaper cover.
By HIMSS TV 09:31 am November 05, 2018
Margarita Gonzalez and Shane Owens, both with the Georgia Tech Research Institute, explain the need to reframe the security conversation from humans being the weakest link to supporting them with tools designed with users in mind.
Suzanne Schwartz
By HIMSS TV 04:22 pm October 31, 2018
Suzanne Schwartz, Associate Director for Science and Strategic Partnerships at the FDA, shared insights and advice on medical device security, including cybersecurity attack response and best practices for CIOs and CTOs.
Jane Harper
By HIMSS TV 11:55 am October 30, 2018
Jane Harper, Director Privacy & Security Risk Management at Henry Ford Health System, discusses how third party risk management should be viewed like a romantic relationship – from the dating stage through the prenup, marriage, and even divorce.

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