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How BioReference Laboratories Handled a 25x Volume Spike
05:57 pm January 21, 2021
COVID-19 has accelerated consumer trends in healthcare, and led to the widespread adoption of patient-centric models. Like many others, BioReference Laboratories got to work planning for a new B2C model, and recognizing the critical role of a powerful and secure Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform to ensuring a smooth transition during...
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01:00 pm January 21, 2021
iland Cloud has been helping healthcare providers secure, protect, and recover their critical data for over a decade. Join iland Cloud’s Justin Augat, VP Marketing and Brian Knudtson, Cloud Technologist to learn how the right combination of cloud technology, services, and experience can help your healthcare organization get the benefits of...
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By 05:47 pm October 15, 2020
The security of PHI and other critical data is a key concern as organizations consider moving medical imaging and other applications to the cloud. Experts from Google Cloud, HITRUST Alliance, and Change Healthcare discuss the different regulatory regimes, best practices, and the benefits of 3rd-party certification for both cloud solution vendors...
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By 01:46 pm September 29, 2020
With increasing demands for connectivity in virtual patient care, the health industry is eager to take advantage of the benefits of migrating servers to the cloud. But health organizations can make themselves vulnerable when moving servers, not only to bad actors phishing for sensitive data, but also to HIPAA regulations, facing severe penalties...
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By 01:44 pm September 29, 2020
Enterprise Software-as-a-Service companies have helped health organizations meet the demands of operating in an increasingly digital world. But cloud-based software providers storing personally identifiable information are particularly vulnerable to cyberattack. In this report, learn about the threats that SaaS providers face and the variety of...
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By 02:09 pm September 08, 2020
Data breaches and ransomware are on the rise and software-defined data encryption provides the last line of defense in protecting business data from breaches or theft. The rapid adoption of new technologies such as DevOps, IoT and containers along with the further reliance on cloud infrastructures has created new exposure points for cyber attacks...
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By 05:41 pm September 04, 2020
Cybercriminals who prey on valuable health data never rest. Attacks against healthcare organizations continue to rise in part because of innovations in the way bad actors exploit security breaches and access patient data. Read this white paper to learn the mechanics of different cyberattacks, the goal of cybercriminals, how breaches harm...
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By 05:37 pm September 04, 2020
The pandemic-powered expansion of telehealth has created new opportunities for cyberattacks.
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By 12:00 pm August 13, 2020
As remote working continues during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear healthcare security leaders can’t afford to let their guard down. Threat actors are using social engineering and email to lure end-user targets to respond to a wide range of scams such as receiving test results, tracing COVID-19 positive contacts, signing up for...
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By Avanade 08:13 pm July 28, 2020
COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and demonstrated the need for future preparation throughout the health industry. Here are 4 steps your organization should take now.