Privacy & Security

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01:00 pm February 18, 2021
In this HIMSS webinar, three senior healthcare security leaders discuss how they’ve responded to these many new challenges, and describe and their approach to securing the rapid COVID-19 vaccine distribution, including the “cold chain.” In this leadership roundtable discussion, designed to help attendees navigate and increasingly...
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01:00 pm February 17, 2021
Cyberattacks on hospitals and healthcare organizations significantly increased in 2020, with almost half of all healthcare data breaches now blamed on ransomware attacks. While it is vital that organizations protect their perimeter from hackers, securing Protected Health Information (PHI), patients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII)...
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01:00 pm February 16, 2021
In this webinar, we'll show how look-alike domains serve as the foundation for multiple types of cyberthreats and best practices for preventing BEC, ransomware, and phishing attacks.
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11:00 am February 11, 2021
A large majority of covered entities and business associates already partner with HITRUST to achieve and demonstrate compliance with HIPAA regulations. The purpose of this webinar is to share insights into the legal advantages of leveraging HITRUST in the face of audits or regulatory investigations, while briefly covering new resources and...
The Hiring Manager’s Guide to Defending Against Cyberattacks in Healthcare
05:36 pm January 26, 2021
According to a recent survey, one in four U.S. healthcare workers has never received cybersecurity training. The cybersecurity skills shortage makes healthcare organizations more vulnerable to life-threatening cyberattacks. This guide for hiring managers explores what actions can be taken to bridge the skills gap.
A Second Opinion: Detecting the Benefits of HCISPP for a Career in Cybersecurity
05:34 pm January 26, 2021
The HCISPP certification has advanced the careers of many healthcare security and privacy professionals. As cybersecurity grows even more central to the practice of high quality care, learn how the HCISPP certification has supported health care providers, direct suppliers, outsourced services, and enablers, to operate on the frontline.
Build vs. Buy for Healthcare: A Healthcare Guide to CIAM + IAM
06:00 pm January 21, 2021
As the healthcare industry moves toward patient-centric models of care, organizations need to find ways to provide their patients with secure, frictionless digital experiences — all while protecting sensitive medical data. Discover how the right customer identity and access management solution can support health systems in providing the best...
How BioReference Laboratories Handled a 25x Volume Spike
05:57 pm January 21, 2021
COVID-19 has accelerated consumer trends in healthcare, and led to the widespread adoption of patient-centric models. Like many others, BioReference Laboratories got to work planning for a new B2C model, and recognizing the critical role of a powerful and secure Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform to ensuring a smooth transition during...
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01:00 pm January 21, 2021
iland Cloud has been helping healthcare providers secure, protect, and recover their critical data for over a decade. Join iland Cloud’s Justin Augat, VP Marketing and Brian Knudtson, Cloud Technologist to learn how the right combination of cloud technology, services, and experience can help your healthcare organization get the benefits of...
Doctor holding a tablet projecting holographic cloud.
By 05:47 pm October 15, 2020
The security of PHI and other critical data is a key concern as organizations consider moving medical imaging and other applications to the cloud. Experts from Google Cloud, HITRUST Alliance, and Change Healthcare discuss the different regulatory regimes, best practices, and the benefits of 3rd-party certification for both cloud solution vendors...