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By Tammy Lovell 02:08 pm May 04, 2020
Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) denies claims that the app has failed NHS clinical safety and security test.
Smart buildings present a unique healthcare cybersecurity threat
By Bill Siwicki 12:05 pm May 04, 2020
An expert in the systems that make up a smart building gives healthcare CIOs and CISOs a lay of the land.
By Healthcare IT News 05:41 pm May 01, 2020
Healthcare IT News staff discuss how security pros are coping with opportunistic attacks. Plus, a recap of the recent HIMSS Digital Webinar featuring HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf and National Coordinator for Health IT Don Rucker.
By Mike Miliard 04:11 pm May 01, 2020
Rapid Supplier Connect is designed to help health systems and government agencies identify and onboard alternative vendors when certain supplies and PPE are in shortage.
By Piers Ford 07:56 am May 01, 2020
The HIMSS chief clinical officer says technology can be used more effectively to plan for healthcare provision in a second wave of the pandemic and beyond – and that we should not shy away from a proper discussion about the role data is set to play.
Cloud-connected devices need a fresh scan for security issues
By Fred Bazzoli 10:51 am April 29, 2020
Healthcare organizations are using more medical devices that transmit patient data, posing risks for both providers and patients.

Credit: Irvan Smith via Unsplash

By Rachel McArthur 03:07 am April 29, 2020
Acronis believes it is likely cybercriminals will target government agencies, healthcare facilities and medical professionals treating patients during the COVID-19 crisis.

(Photo: Getty Images-WPA Pool / Pool)

By Nathan Eddy 12:53 pm April 22, 2020
Ad hoc COVID-19 medical centers have a unique set of vulnerabilities: They're remote, they sit outside of a defense-in-depth architecture and the very nature of their purpose – care in a time of crisis – means security is a lower priority.
Collective defense: A different way to approach healthcare cybersecurity

General (Retired) Keith Alexander, co-CEO of IronNet Cybersecurity, on the left, with IronNet Cybersecurity Chief Marketing Officer Russ Cobb.

By Bill Siwicki 02:08 pm April 21, 2020
CIOs and CISOs take note: In a HIMSS20 Digital session, the former commander of U.S. CyberCommand explains what collective defense is and how it works.