Privacy & Security

By Kyle Hardy 02:58 pm June 24, 2010
The security of patient data has been, and continues to be, a major problem for the US in achieving its goals for an interoperable healthcare system. According to Kurt Long, CEO of FairWarning IT solutions, the same problem can be found all over the world.
By Mary Mosquera 10:06 am June 22, 2010
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will be the first federal agency to test a mapping and data analysis tool developed by a White House oversight board to spot irregularities in the flow of economic stimulus funds.
By Mike Miliard 10:45 am June 18, 2010
The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced this month that five Golden State hospitals had been assessed administrative fines and penalties totaling $675,000 after it was determined they'd failed to prevent unauthorized access to confidential patient medical information.
By Molly Merrill 09:45 am June 17, 2010
Less than one in 10 American adults use electronic medical records or e-mail their doctor, according to a new Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll.
By Nancy Ferris 09:10 am June 15, 2010
The "tiger team" created to resolve thorny privacy and security issues associated with sharing patients' health records wasted no time before tackling a difficult issue at the team's first public meeting.
By Kyle Hardy 10:37 am June 11, 2010
Massachusetts General Hospital, a 900-bed care center located in the heart of Boston, has been using a new delivery service that has helped solve one piece of meaningful use.
By Diana Manos 02:30 pm June 09, 2010
Leaders of the Indiana Health Information Exchange (IHIE) - claiming to be the largest HIE organization in the country - announced Wednesday the exchange would expand to serve patients in Terre Haute and Clinton, Ind.
By Jamie Thompson 02:10 am June 08, 2010
True to the theme of the HIMSS Virtual Conference and Expo, the Deluxe Exhibitors will highlight innovative solutions for health IT adoption and utilization. The focus will be on the human-computer interface, as vendors will showcase products and services that aim to improve accessibility for both providers and patients.
By Mike Miliard 09:49 am June 02, 2010
The term may carry with it wispy and ephemeral connotations, but cloud data storage is regulated by the same ironclad security and compliance rules as traditional server storage.
By Molly Merrill 09:43 am June 02, 2010
As Will Rogers said, “"It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.” But today – with close to 50 physician-rating sites – a reputation can be ruined by a click. Some doctors, who are trying to prevent this from happening are getting a lot of flak for having patients sign what some patients are calling “medical...