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By Tom Sullivan 09:15 am March 08, 2019
Here’s what I found at this year’s security conference.

"I think it’s time to rewrite our playbook," said Mary O’Brien, general manager, IBM Security, about the need to embrace an agile approach to security.

By Tom Sullivan 04:06 pm March 07, 2019
IBM executives say it's time for healthcare to change its strategy and create a more adaptable and responsive security culture.
By Tom Sullivan 03:36 pm March 07, 2019
SANS offers advice about how to stop DNSespionage, domain fronting, targeted cloud individualized attacks and CPU flaws.

Christina Maslach, professor of psychology at UC Berkeley, and Josh Corman, chief security officer of PTC, speak Thursday at RSA in San Francisco.

By Tom Sullivan 02:03 pm March 07, 2019
It's time to reevaluate your information security unit's status and stability.
By Dean Koh 09:55 pm March 06, 2019
According to a blogpost by Symantec, the cybersecurity company’s researchers has identified Whitefly as the hacker group behind what is known as Singapore’s
Why your cybersecurity team should be as diverse as its challenges

Ann Johnson, corporate vice president of cybersecurity solutions at Microsoft, onstage at RSA 2019.

By Tom Sullivan 04:19 pm March 06, 2019
Diversity is not just about gender and race. Ideas matter, too.
By Mike Miliard 02:45 pm March 06, 2019
A new poll of CHIME members by LexisNexis Risk Solutions finds that technology execs' priorities vary widely depending on the maturity of their IT infrastructure.
By Tom Sullivan 10:02 am March 06, 2019
The company says the acquisition will enable NTT to broaden its security offerings for digital transformation.

Oscar Miranda and Ellen Sundra speaking at RSA 2019 in San Francisco.

By Tom Sullivan 09:49 am March 06, 2019
Infosec is quickly becoming where the two have an opportunity to finally join forces or risk leaving vulnerabilities wide open.
FBI Director Christopher Wray: ‘Today’s cybersecurity threat is bigger than government itself’

(Credit: Dennis Angerer/Getty Images)

By Tom Sullivan 04:21 pm March 05, 2019
Top Federal Bureau of Investigation official calls for greater public-private partnership to fight back increasingly sophisticated adversaries and attacks.

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