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Two years after the EU implemented its GDPR, discussions about privacy in healthcare have gathered momentum around the globe, not least in the US.

By Piers Ford 12:33 pm March 10, 2020
As state and federal legislation in the US and elsewhere tries to catch up with the digital health economy, the patient at the center of that economy might struggle to know just how private their data actually is.
By Fred Bazzoli 12:29 pm March 10, 2020
Industry groups including AHIP, MGMA and the AMA support the patient access aims of the final regs, but have qualms about third-party developers and the compliance burden for providers.
ClearDATA debuts machine learning system that masks patient data
By Bill Siwicki 11:48 am March 10, 2020
The technology, called Locate Mask, is designed to facilitate compliant data sharing without diminishing its value, according to the vendor – improving innovation and analytics potential.

Credit: Imprivata

By Leontina Postelnicu 11:26 am March 09, 2020
The companies want to break down barriers to delivering care related to technology.
By Mike Miliard 02:50 pm March 06, 2020
The Shared Responsibility Matrix aims to streamline the assurance process for privacy and security, helping assign responsibilities and reduce misunderstandings when healthcare organizations work with cloud service providers.
By Dean Koh 12:26 am March 06, 2020
IoT security company Forescout has entered a strategic partnership with Medigate, a medical-device security and asset-management company, to help healthcare organizations continuously discover, identify, assess and secure all Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), IoT, operational technology
Google office
By Laura Lovett 10:37 am March 05, 2020
Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Dr. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) sent a follow-up letter to Ascension CEO Joesph Impicciche regarding privacy concerns about Project Nightingale.
By Dave Muoio 01:40 pm March 04, 2020
"SweynTooth" impacts several microchip and medical device manufacturers, and could allow bad actors to wirelessly crash or access these products, according to the agency.
By Laura Lovett 10:07 am March 03, 2020
Prescription drug information and names were exposed, but financials and Social Security numbers were not.
By Nathan Eddy 02:21 pm March 02, 2020
The expanded bandwidth would be a big boost to smartphone-based healthcare consultations, enabling doctors to remotely monitor a patient’s vitals and analyze the statistics in real time.

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