Precision Medicine

Microsoft artificial intelligence cancer
By Tom Sullivan 03:07 pm September 20, 2016
The software giant joins rivals IBM and Google in putting supercomputing to work on cancer research and treatment. 
IBM MIT machine vision
By Bernie Monegain 11:08 am September 20, 2016
The organizations are building a research laboratory for brain-inspired machine comprehension to develop systems that mimic certain human abilities.
National Health IT Week 2016
By Tom Sullivan 07:25 am September 20, 2016
A guide to the annual event taking place in Washington, DC next week, as well as virtual and live gatherings around the country. Topical and timely themes include precision medicine, telehealth, interoperability and population health. 
Allscripts 2bPrecise precision medicine
By Jessica Davis 04:37 pm September 19, 2016
In an early-adopter program at the National Institutes of Health, the cloud-based genomics platform will be used to gauge how best to deliver precision medicine data to clinicians at the point of care.
Dignity Catholic precision medicine
By Bernie Monegain 10:41 am September 19, 2016
The initiative will offer advanced technologies and genomic profiling to nearly 150 hospitals, focusing first on cancer treatment, hospital executives said.
Zika test infection
By Kaiser Health News 09:30 am September 19, 2016
No approved commercial tests are available, and processing the emergency-use tests FDA temporarily authorized takes too long and raises concerns about accuracy. Researchers are working to streamline that process. 
Pop Health Forum 2016
By Tom Sullivan 12:30 pm September 15, 2016
The second Pop Health Forum 2016 took place in Chicago with expert speakers, panelists and healthcare professionals discussing pressing issues, from analytics to chronic care management to telehealth. Here’s a roundup of what happened. 
By Bernie Monegain 11:35 am September 13, 2016
The deal marks the first testing collaboration for Intermountain Precision Genomics outside of the U.S.
By Jessica Davis 12:14 pm September 12, 2016
The technology leverages the company’s 175 million patient-record years and a patient’s medical history to predict the patient’s future health.
HHS Zika Moderna
By Bernie Monegain 09:32 am September 08, 2016
The $8.2 million deal with Moderna aims to accelerate the development of vaccine technology and is expected to be faster than other approaches in developing vaccines.