Population Health

The importance of clinical engagement in healthcare's digital age
By HIMSS TV 03:04 pm June 12, 2018
Naila Siddiqui Kamal, MD, senior lecturer at Imperial College London, discusses ways doctors can rise above the worries tied to IT adoption and instead embrace the ways that digital technology can assist them in caring for our populations.
Using telehealth to bring care to war zones
By HIMSS TV 03:01 pm June 12, 2018
Waheed Arian, founder of Arian TeleHEAL, discusses how specialists working for his charity use smartphones, and platforms like Skype, to connect with people in areas were conflict makes it difficult to seek medical attention.
Linking primary care to population health
By HIMSS TV 02:52 pm June 12, 2018
Nav Chana, chair of England's National Association of Primary Care, lays out the model's framework and speaks about the digital backbone needed to support clinical decision making.
By HIMSS TV 01:41 pm June 12, 2018
Taavi Kotka, former CIO for the Estonian government, discusses Estonia's major e-health feat and look at conditions that made it possible to create a countrywide EHR.
Charles Alessi, MD, chief clinical officer for HIMSS International talking to HIMSS Tv
By HIMSS TV 03:36 pm June 06, 2018
Charles Alessi, MD, chief clinical officer for HIMSS International, discusses the ways HIMSS is connecting global healthcare systems through education, partnerships and adoption models to advance care globally.
Richard Corbridge, chief digital and information officer for Leeds Teaching on HIMSS TV
By HIMSS TV 03:33 pm June 06, 2018
Richard Corbridge, chief digital and information officer for Leeds Teaching, and Daniel Ray, director of data science for NHS Digital, discuss the tangible ways healthcare data is advancing population health for the United Kingdom.
By Mike Miliard 08:29 pm October 26, 2017
Ahead of his opening keynote at the Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum, new HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf broke down his view of where healthcare innovation is headed 
By Eric Bailey 12:11 pm May 08, 2017
Ed Ricks, VP and CIO at Beaufort Memorial Hospital, outlines current initiatives for his organization around data analytics, population health management and health IT security.
Clinical Spotlight Healthcare IT News
By Eric Bailey 12:14 pm April 25, 2017
Bill Hoberecht and Ann Wells, MD, of Kaiser Permanente Colorado, discuss lessons learned after two decades of population health management. They describe best practices and optimal IT strategies to improve patient outcomes.
Indranil Bardhan Pop Health Forum
By Eric Bailey 09:32 am April 12, 2017
Indranil Bardhan, professor of information systems, University of Texas Dallas, discusses his project to measure the relative performance of ACOs, and offers his thoughts on how ACOs can best use health IT for care coordination.

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