Population Health

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By 07:33 am February 02, 2016
The new health care reality demands that providers deliver quality care while controlling costs. That’s why the number of ACOs has risen in recent years. Use these six steps to achieve success in the new reimbursement landscape.
By Healthcare IT News 02:01 pm September 21, 2015
The right predictive analytics solution can drive quality outcomes and ROI for healthcare providers.
By Healthcare IT News 02:06 pm August 10, 2015
Many provider organizations are turning to population health management programs to produce the clinical results that will enable them to financially succeed under value-based reimbursement. These initiatives aim to enhance outcomes for an entire group of individuals, instead of merely looking to improve health on a one-to-one basis. Using recent...
By Healthcare IT News 03:26 pm May 11, 2015
According to the American Heart Association, high blood pressure prevalence and associated long-term care costs are projected to increase substantially through 2030. Effective prevention strategies around awareness, adherence and education are needed to manage this growing health concern.
By Healthcare IT News 02:33 pm April 21, 2015
We asked the hospital community if and how they are using advanced predictive modeling to support their clinical and operational goals. This infographic is a summary of what we found out.
By Healthcare IT News 11:25 am April 01, 2015
This content will deliver insights into both the technical and business challenges around healthcare interoperability. It will discuss the importance of healthcare's access to patient-generated health data, while delving into the some of the hurdles associated with interoperability, such as HIPAA-compliance and FDA standards. Moreover, the content...
By Healthcare IT News 01:10 pm March 24, 2015
Every health system is unique, and all are at different stages in developing their strategies, aligning incentives and resources, and implementing the changes required to transition to value-based care. Each system has its own challenges: one might lack the capabilities or resources to expand care management outside the hospital walls; another...