Population Health

By 09:00 am August 24, 2020

Healthcare decision makers, patients, clinicians, nurses, life science professionals, innovators and many more are set to convene virtually at the HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Digital Event from 7-11 September 2020.

By 09:03 am April 01, 2020

Just as it's doing with nearly every facet of society around the world, the COVID-19 crisis will radically transform approaches with patient engagement and pop health.

By 05:27 am November 27, 2019

It's been an eventful year for health IT. Of course, that's been the case every year over the past decade since the first meaningful use checks were mailed out, kickstarting the digital healthcare age as we know it.

By Healthcare IT News 01:35 am September 01, 2019
A decade ago, who would have thought that in addition to treating the sick, hospitals and physicians would become providers of housing, transportation, food and other needs?
By 12:15 pm March 21, 2019

This 18-part series examines in-depth what it takes to deploy today's most necessary technology and tools, with expert advice from IT pros who are leading the charge.

By 02:24 pm March 14, 2019

HIMSS Media's information brands Healthcare IT News, Healthcare Finance News, MobiHealthNews and HIMSS TV are diving into one of the most pressing issues facing healthcare today – baby boomers and their swelling demands on our system.

By 05:35 pm November 28, 2018
Information and technology comprise the backbone of smart, digital hospitals and systems.
By by Bill Siwicki 11:49 am July 19, 2018

From artificial intelligence, analytics and cloud services to EHRs, revenue cycle and telemedicine tools, health technologies are changing. Fast.

By by Bernie Monegain and Tom Sullivan | Sponsored by Intel 04:53 pm November 30, 2017

What can hospitals do now to prepare for the future of population health management? A lot, really.