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Verily Walgreens chronic conditions
By Tom Sullivan 01:01 pm December 26, 2018
Companies will look to emerging technologies, such as a virtual diabetes program and a medication adherence pilot, in an effort to combine Verily’s tech with Walgreens stores.
Analytics display.
By Beth Jones Sanborn 05:23 pm December 21, 2018
Anna Loengard, Tim Putnam to share insights on harnessing data and analytics for population health success in transition from volume to value.
Senior man with oxygen mask.
By Susan Morse 05:28 pm December 18, 2018
Santa Clara Medical Director Dr. Jeffrey Arnold and Optum's Teddy Shah share a model that addresses a 90 percent Medicaid population.
By Mike Miliard 10:28 am December 18, 2018
One seeks to reduce variations in care, the other is about increased variations. But both are key to the future, says the health system's chief innovation officer.  
pop health platforms
By Diana Manos 04:42 pm December 13, 2018
Frost and Sullivan found PHM vendors added predictive disease modeling, automated risk stratification and functions for identifying populations receptive to precision interventions.
By Benjamin Harris 12:34 pm December 13, 2018
More and more providers understand the key role social determinants play in delivering better health outcomes. AI and predictive analytics can help harness that data for better care and higher reimbursement.
social determinants of health
By Tom Sullivan 11:18 am December 10, 2018
SDOH will require a new education approach, platform and principles akin to personalized medicine.
By Diana Manos 03:36 pm December 06, 2018
Neck-and-neck, the two rideshare companies are making big moves to assert themselves in the space, hiring health IT talent as providers and other vendors continue to partner.
Hennepin's Alex Knutson-Smisek
By Beth Jones Sanborn 03:24 pm December 04, 2018
Hennepin's Alex Knutson-Smisek says using the EHR to pinpoint SDOH was a hard sell but the work that followed was not overly complex.
By Dean Koh 11:06 pm December 01, 2018
In the book Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Healthcare System by William A.

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