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social determinants of health
By Tom Sullivan 11:18 am December 10, 2018
SDOH will require a new education approach, platform and principles akin to personalized medicine.
By Diana Manos 03:36 pm December 06, 2018
Neck-and-neck, the two rideshare companies are making big moves to assert themselves in the space, hiring health IT talent as providers and other vendors continue to partner.
Hennepin's Alex Knutson-Smisek
By Beth Jones Sanborn 03:24 pm December 04, 2018
Hennepin's Alex Knutson-Smisek says using the EHR to pinpoint SDOH was a hard sell but the work that followed was not overly complex.
By Dean Koh 11:06 pm December 01, 2018
In the book Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Healthcare System by William A.
By Dean Koh 07:13 am November 06, 2018
The HIMSS AsiaPac 18 Conference in Brisbane officially started today with an opening plenary, Leadership Voices: Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere featuring five healthcare leaders and experts with experience from different parts of the globe.

Credit: Chris Dorney/ Shutterstock.com

By Leontina Postelnicu 07:05 am November 05, 2018
Public Health England will bring together a group of experts to scale up the agency's work on "predictive prevention", enabling people to take greater control of their health and care through personalised advice and interventions, according to a new 
Fitness tracking device and app.
By Tom Sullivan 10:31 am October 19, 2018
The market is so flooded with competing products that many people have trouble even understanding what's available.
By Mike Miliard 09:55 am October 18, 2018
KLAS sees health system decision makers wanting vendors to give them needed functionalities: point of care access to PDMPs, specific clinical decision support and more.
Children's National Health System, Sheikh Zayed Campus

Children's National Health System, Sheikh Zayed Campus

By Bill Siwicki 04:50 pm October 08, 2018
This case study shows how care coordination software is helping Children's National Health System disseminate key discharge documents to the right subacute providers.
NYU Langone Health on East 17th Street in New York City

NYU Langone Health on East 17th Street in New York City. Credit: Google Maps

By Mike Miliard 04:28 pm October 08, 2018
The health system needed to broaden the reach of its telephonic interventions and improve uptake of its Epic patient portal. Data-fueled heat maps, homing in on patients' "ZNA," are helping improve outcomes.

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