Allscripts fights opioids
By Paul Black 12:22 pm February 28, 2018
Health IT is critical to deliver the right data to the right place at the right time and empower clinicians and pharmacists to make informed decisions.
By Jane Sarasohn-Kahn 12:23 pm December 12, 2016
President-elect Trump wants to bring down drug prices
Healthcare reform President Trump
By Jane Sarasohn-Kahn 09:24 am November 09, 2016
Maybe it's time for a discussion about what people want from the U.S. healthcare system.
By Jane Sarasohn-Kahn 04:12 pm July 25, 2016
As patients learn to manage high-deductible plans and health savings accounts, convenience, accessibility and neighborhood connections are shaping patient's financial decisions.
By D'Arcy Gue 02:59 pm November 23, 2015
On the face of it, the use of computers to order prescriptions seems like a no-brainer. Who, after all, is capable of reading a physician's handwriting? But if we set aside clichés, there is still this question: Does e-prescribing provide distinct benefits over handwritten patient prescriptions?
By Gary Palgon 10:02 am October 23, 2015
From the quantified self movement to the increasing collaboration between pharma and the healthcare industry, IT is evolving in many directions at once.
By Glen Tullman 12:48 pm August 28, 2011
When Dr. Farzad Mostashari, the national coordinator for health information technology, addresses more than 4,700 healthcare professionals at the Allscripts Client Experience in Nashville on Monday morning, Aug. 29, he’s likely to discuss one of the most exciting developments in healthcare today – and perhaps surprisingly, it won’t be the...
By Donald Johnston 08:25 am July 12, 2011
The Federal Government's commitment to advancing healthcare IT is seen in its "carrot and stick" approach. Now, for the first time, physicians who are not yet e-prescribing are feeling the “stick” end of the equation.
By John Halamka 02:03 pm December 30, 2009
As I've said in my blog about "The Number 5" I tend to organize my life and my projects in groups of 5. My 2009 Review has five segments - Harvard Medical School, State projects, and Federal projects which I presented yesterday plus Beth Israel Deaconess and my personal life which I'll present today.
By John Halamka 11:17 am December 14, 2009
Like many complex healthcare systems, BIDMC does not have a one size fits all solution for ambulatory records. Although we favor integrated systems, we need to achieve interoperability via interfaces between two EHRs - a home built web-based product called webOMR and a commercial hosted version of eClinicalWorks.

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