Patient Engagement

By 01:00 pm June 06, 2017
Interaction with systems in more natural ways can have a huge positive impact. Today’s current landscape has patients and healthcare professionals using a mouse and keyboard to enter vital data into allegedly modern software.
By 02:00 pm June 01, 2017
Patients’ non-adherence to prescribed medications contributes significantly to the hospitalization of chronically ill individuals, and is attributed to $100 billion in annual costs.
By 04:36 pm May 05, 2017
An aging population with an increased life expectancy is putting immense strain on healthcare organizations, making it crucial to focus on population health, preventative care and new technologies to provide more advanced care for longer.
By 04:32 pm May 05, 2017
The healthcare industry is on the brink of explosive growth as consumer technologies and new apps and devices are becoming commonplace in the healthcare environment. Find out how new technologies are impacting patient experiences.
By 02:08 pm April 27, 2017
Bedside technology has revolutionized the patient experience by enhancing connections to key information, entertainment and critical communications.
By 01:00 pm April 18, 2017
Telemedicine is an exciting tool that allows providers to utilize technology to improve their patient satisfaction and create a more efficient, flexible healthcare delivery process. So how can you best execute on this promise? Healthcare technology often makes interacting with patients harder not easier.
By 09:28 am March 13, 2017
Healthcare professionals rely on up-to-date technology to consistently deliver top-quality care. Discover the mobile solutions to help accelerate digital transformation with user-centric innovation.
By 12:00 pm March 10, 2017
Today’s patients expect a faster, more personalized healthcare experience than ever before.
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By Lenovo Health 09:15 am March 08, 2017
To achieve greater interoperability, health institutions must address the challenges of data integration. A single patient identifier creates one record for one patient over the care continuum, which is vital as we move to a value-based care system.
By Sonifi Health 05:23 pm February 15, 2017
For nursing leaders: A look at how hospitals can leverage interactive technology and processes to improve the patient experience and reduce preventable readmissions.

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