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By 05:16 pm November 16, 2018
According to a recent HIMSS Media survey of hospitals and ambulatory care leaders, fewer than half of healthcare providers have technology plans that are well aligned with strategic goals. This paper highlights how health organizations can better connect the technology and strategy dots.
By 01:00 pm November 08, 2018
Connected health and remote patient monitoring, combined with interactive patient engagement apps, have a tremendous potential to transform chronic disease management in the hospital setting and beyond. But deploying such programs, and managing the IoT assets they often depend on, can pose a host of challenges at both the provider and the patient...
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By 12:13 pm November 08, 2018
An August 2018 HIMSS Media study revealed that providers and payers are embracing innovation in healthcare, thanks to surging consumer expectations and demands, new payment models and unique technology advances enabling healthcare organizations to redesign the healthcare patient experience.  
By 12:00 pm November 06, 2018
Epic recently announced the availability of real-time benefit check (RTBC) functionality as a build option in 2018. Multiple RTBC solutions are available in Epic, each offering different capabilities. In the search for discovering the most valuable RTBC solution for your health system, it’s important to ask the right questions.
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By 05:52 pm October 04, 2018
According to one recent survey, hospitals and health systems are no longer questioning the value – or desire – for Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD). In fact, they are demanding it. Indeed, a 2018 HIMSS Media report found that 90 percent of those incorporating wearable devices in their workflow see it as a technology strategy that...
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By 11:47 am October 01, 2018
Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, this resource is rich in both statistical information and specific tactics to help organizations take their finances to the next level, either closer to success or actually meeting financial goals.
By 02:00 pm September 26, 2018
This webinar will highlight case studies and explore considerations of tools, concepts, approaches, and leading innovations empowering clinicians to deliver positive patient experiences that are necessary in the new healthcare economy.
By 01:00 pm September 20, 2018
The hospital of the future is charged with bridging the divide between IT and business needs to improve patient care. Technology stacks are evolving beyond the clinician with patient experience setting the curve. While there are many ways to achieve this, the first new VA hospital built in nearly 20 years took a strategic approach to delivering a...
By 03:08 pm August 17, 2018
New global research reveals a direct correlation between health organizations' smartphone use and patient satisfaction. This ebook shows how these orgs are using mobile devices, mitigating risk and delivering more personalized patient care faster.
By 10:18 am July 30, 2018
Launching initiatives is tiresome. And providing resources and information simply isn't enough. As this whitepaper shows, the only solution to greater engagement in health and wellness programs is understanding the individual's readiness to change.

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