Patient Engagement

By 10:28 am February 13, 2018
This health IT ebook shows how patients, providers and payers can ubiquitously connect with both high-quality content and each other, ultimately to create better patient outcomes. Handy links to a variety of helpful resources are provided throughout.
By 02:00 pm February 08, 2018
Last year one in eight patients switched providers, and nearly 40 percent said it was because of a poor experience. Patients now have the same expectations of customer service from healthcare providers that they have from non-healthcare companies. If you want to successfully retain patients and increase loyalty, you need to address patients...
By 01:00 pm February 08, 2018
Patient engagement is key to the success of value based care models. The ability to leverage health IT to promote wellness, patient engagement and satisfaction provides a means to lowering cost and improving patient outcomes. Learn the strategic approach to patient engagement and satisfaction through a dedicated workflow transformation team,...
By 12:00 pm February 08, 2018
Jan Oldenburg, author of the best-selling HIMSS Book, Engage!, and its companion book, Participatory Healthcare, will share techniques that have been proven to increase individual’s personal health engagement, leading to improved long term relationships between patients and providers and increasing loyalty toward provider organizations...
By 11:14 am February 05, 2018
Patient-centric communications are essential to high-value care experiences that are personalized and effective. Healthcare organizations are achieving successful engagement by using patient data in combination with automated communications.
By Healthcare IT News 01:00 pm February 01, 2018
A fragmented healthcare delivery system is widely acknowledged as a barrier to delivering high quality, cost-effective care.
By 01:00 pm January 17, 2018
According to a recent industry survey conducted by Solutionreach, nearly one in three patients are at risk of leaving their healthcare provider in the next two years. One in eight have already left, and not just because of changes to insurance or a move.
By Verizon 11:00 am January 16, 2018
Join HIMSS to find out more about HIMSS18 networking and mentorship opportunities, as well as get introduced to the 2017 Most Influential Women in Health IT award recipients.
By 01:00 pm January 09, 2018
Healthcare digital transformation is redefining every aspect of how we care for ourselves in sickness and in health and is creating new, richer patient experiences.  If healthcare stakeholders are willing to invest in building cultures of wellness that include mechanisms to measure effectiveness, enable population health, and leverage...
By 01:00 pm December 05, 2017
Network reliability and availability of fiber-based services are acknowledged as key contributors to success at rural healthcare organizations adopting new care delivery models, but these same organizations also acknowledge challenges with funding and clinician buy-in in their efforts to

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