Patient Engagement

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By 05:15 pm July 02, 2019
Patients are coming to demand more from their care experience, from communicating directly with providers electronically to accessing care services based on convenience and cost.
By 01:00 pm June 19, 2019
Join Industry Analyst and Thought Leader, Zeus Karavalla of ZK Research, as he reveals ZK Research’s brand new paper on cloud communications in healthcare. Also joining is Lance Mehaffey, Healthcare Industry Principal at RingCentral, for an expert view on how cloud communications are improving patient experience, maximizing staff utilization...
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By 12:00 pm June 18, 2019
As the adoption of consumer and medical-grade home health tools continues to grow, so too does the role of patient-generated health data (PGHD) in the shift to value-based care. Whether this information is generated via health apps, digital health devices, remote patient monitoring tech or the widening array of sensors finding their way into...
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By 01:00 pm June 17, 2019
In this webinar, you will learn how you can improve the overall collection process and provide better patient satisfaction by using real-time APIs. You will see how Falck USA instituted a real-time API structure to update information to their receivables management system and back to the host system. This cut their days in AR and reduced...
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By 03:00 pm May 30, 2019
Managing the care of people with diabetes is costly and time intensive, especially for our nation's primary care providers who shoulder 80% of that responsibility.
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By 02:45 pm April 24, 2019
As the healthcare industry evolves, many organizations are looking for ways to embrace value-based care models, increase the quality of patient care, set themselves apart from their competitors and meet future challenges. Investing in the patient experience can address all these issues, increasing profitability as well as engaging both patients...
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By Salesforce 01:00 pm March 12, 2019
Today’s patients expect a faster, more connected healthcare experience. These demands are challenging healthcare organizations to look for new and innovative ways of attracting and meeting patient expectations, personalizing their experience across every interaction and to empower them to stay engaged in their health and wellness. 
Doctor showing patient tablet.
By 01:00 pm March 07, 2019
As a healthcare provider, delivering great patient and staff experiences are critical. HIMSS Media and ServiceNow recently conducted a joint survey of your peers to understand how hospitals are driving better patient and business outcomes by leveraging technology to create more efficient workflows. While some of the results were expected, some may...
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By 04:12 pm February 28, 2019
Rather than placing a call to their healthcare provider, patients increasingly want to connect through digital channels. Yet, many healthcare organizations have been slow to adapt to changing trends. As a result, they are missing opportunities to connect with patients in new ways and provide them with the modernized healthcare experiences they...
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By 12:55 pm February 04, 2019
As healthcare organizations move towards value-based reimbursement models, the patient experience is now taking a higher priority. To that end, many healthcare organizations are finding unique ways to leverage high-impact visual solutions, not just as branding tools but as innovative, interactive displays that can be utilized across the healthcare...